Server Unlocks/Transfers - What are we waiting for?

Stoyles from Stallagg -->Bene–>Faerlina–> Eranikus

I left faerlina because i had issues getting dc’d while walking my dog for 10 minutes while i tried my best to keep on remote desktop going on my phone. My friends couldn’t get online to play on Faerlina. Every other server before Faerlina I had to leave or just play with the 5 other people left. If Blizzard did any population control at all then mega servers wouldn’t even exist but they just got greedy and wanted xfer money.

You can go to the Eranikus dying thread where all the alliance are leaving and even last night there were so many raids/ guild looking for fills for their raids. The fact that Blizzard couldn’t wait until after Ulduar to release DF means they have made their players choose what world to be apart just as they did in Phase 2 of TBC with SOM or like they did with Black temple/Hyjal and Shadowlands.

The fact of the matter is that they have provided next to 0 support on wotlk since DF release and then on top of that even smaller servers having dal lagging out on Tuesdays because they stopped layering the main cities on every wotlk server. Check the EU forums its spammed with people complaining about their server performing like trash.

Many of us have 2-3 subs since vanilla classic release and therefore supported the company more then the retail andies. So yeah as a long standing client supporting this trash company we want better playing environments in the year 2022 from a billion dollar company.

So long story short they risk losing their long term clients over the people who will show up for 2 months in DF and bounce. I mean at the end of the day its clear Blizzard doesn’t care and I hope wow dies in both versions of the game because of their decisions that they continue to make.

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Wait, so Eranikus has over 13,000 players (5,000 on Alliance) and you players think that’s not good enough so the lower faction is transferring off?

Good lord.

That is totally a player created problem and frankly, it’s quite ridiculous how players just follow the herd to destroy servers.

I really hope Blizzard keeps our strong servers locked for good. Having transfer locusts that will transfer in and off at the drop of a hat are definitely not welcome.

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You failed to actually answer my question and instead chose a stance of dumbfounded incredulousness. I’ll elaborate: Xrealm dungeon grouping does NOTHING to assist low pop realm players form guilds, raids, trading either in-person or over the AH, or access player proffession services like enchanting. It makes dungeon grouping as easy as it would be on a megaserver, that’s it.

So now that both small and megaservers have an ‘equal footing’ on dungeon group formation, what exactly does xrealm do to motivate players to choose the small pop realm over the megaserver?


Do I look like an alliance player to you? I am just telling you that at this point in the game on horde side you have very little action in LFG.

Transfer locusts, one would assume you would be speaking about me and the other 500 players from stalagg that jumped to bene and then to faerlina?

“Not welcome”, you act like you own the server. You truly a worthless human if you think just because you are on the forums fighting with the people who have concerns that you are better than them.

I am sorry I enjoyed playing the game for the first few weeks because me and my friends could never got online together in the “play with your friends expansion”.

There are other big guilds such as “Spaceforce” not sure if you have heard of them before… you know tetsu and them. Well they are also stuck on the server because they didnt want to risk losing world first races on a server that could dc one of their raiders and ruin everything for them.

I should redirect your comments to them and see how popular you get. You truly are trash if you think you are better than anyone else because you did not help with ques but instead sit on the forums trashing people about an issue you don’t even have.

You know what, I will admit guilds wouldn’t flourish on small servers per say. But that doesn’t mean that servers wouldn’t be as unbalanced if they offered more cross server play in general.

The reason people went to Mega servers was over finding groups, even early in tbc when people farmed heroics. These mega servers did not exist in vanilla.

The reason they will never offer cross server is because they don’t want to lose out on more transfer money by self creating an issue while also self providing a solution that benefits them.

for the Ulduar queue to die down.

you got greedy and you betrayed your guild and server. for that, you have earned your punishment!

The imbalance is yet again the problem. If they had stopped the flow of Horde to Eranikus and Sulfuras earlier before they got 65% of the population, we could have seen two well balanced servers, which is one of the best long term server health indicators.

They only needed to force two more weeks of Alliance transfers from Bene with queues at launch, but now it will be a marvel if alliance can hold on as the well outnumbered faction in a slow part of the game. You can’t merge sulf and Eranikus now because the server would be massive and equal or greater in size to the megas, which Blizzard apparently wants to do away with. Cross server arena queues would be very helpful for this predicament but don’t hold your breath.

Also, the idea that there will be significant Ulduar queues is pure cope. They will go away in half the time that launch queues took, which was already extremely short.

5,000 alliance to 10,000 horde is not the average wow players idea of a good server. Blizzard should know that after the TBC server debacle and they are to blame for not influencing movement with that in mind.

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Finally a smart human :+1:

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He’s a Horde player and apparently, 10,000 Horde players isn’t adequate for him to get groups going.

Apparently, having 10,000 players on your faction constitutes a “dead server”.

Honestly ridiculous.

Hey, I tried to warn people not to take the transfer five posts into Blizzard’s thread initially offering transfers:

I turned out to be right again. I bet you feel sorry that you took that transfer, huh? :crazy_face:

op is posting on a horde retail character but is talking about transferring from Benediction which means theres a 99.9% he’s alliance

I was responding to this guy:

Even for Alliance players, 5,000 players is more than sufficient and is the tiny bit of WPvP when everyone is on flying mounts really a factor?

Leaving a server like Eranikus is just silly but players have been destroying servers throughout with their excessive server hopping.

While I’m not arguing your point, simple fact is, like it or not, they aren’t gonna be opening the servers for a LONG while. I think they’ve been in the business long enough to know that players will unsub when they are unhappy. They are well aware these servers are likely gonna die off and that they’ll have to do another server consolidation. They have already let plenty of servers die off in the past, and are very much aware in doing so that they’re likely going to lose several thousand in subs. I think they have already dementated multiple times that they don’t care if servers die.

its blizzard punishing u tho they made a very very bad decision on listening to the cryers and the the crazy opinions of insane people on this forum. There are some disgusting insane, extremely ignorant stupid but will pretend to be smart voicr their snnoying opinion thats udually copied from someone else people on this forum. Im sure there are some in this blog post that are going to say no u cant play on whatever server u want no explanation needed just because their dumb. Keep posting these blog posts. Comment on mine so it stays up and tell blizzard to do the right thing.

Also do the user interfacr ignore block all people who are against the servers being unlocked

Transfers were causing havoc to realm communities before tbc prepatch was ever announced. They are poison for the game. At no point should the ability to transfer have been placed in the hands of players. It is too destructive of a tool for anyone except a game dev to handle. Trusting the players to responsibly use transfers was negligent on Blizzard’s part. The only legitimate use for transfers is for moving players off a realm that is being permanently closed.

Realm Connections, Blizzard’s version of a merge, is what should have been used from the very start to address population concerns. They are far less destructive, require the devs implementing them to actually look at the raw numbers, and cannot be rampantly abused in the manner that player transfers have been.


blizzard mishandled servers so badly ever since p2 vanilla classic.

it literally couldn’t have been worse if u tried. good job guys

people blame the players for taking options that blizz gave them in the first place

Yeah but if you have seen the average number of player that have moved across a few realms and the amount of money it creates for them then it makes it hard for us to say anything that they care about.

I honestly hope Blizz manages to make their player base across all games so mad that they stop supporting the company. Just disaster after disaster…

I understand the reason behind not allowing realm transfers to megaservers, but what about new characters? Not many people would abandon their characters in other realms so it would not be that bad…
My friends are waiting for the realm unlock since wotlk launch so they can create new characters and play with me and our guild, and time just passes and my realm remains locked.
It Is really sad that my friends will miss several content phases because of realm locks, our guild is here, we can not leave this server…

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