Choose Your Own Gear in Dragonflight Season 4

In Dragonflight Season 4, we’re going to try something new. We’re preparing a remixed set of gear for each specialization. To determine what that means for each class and spec, we’re asking you to vote for your favorite class look and your favorite specialization set bonuses from the first three Seasons of Dragonflight.

This means that in Season 4, demon hunters might vote for a set that has the look of Season 1, with Season 2 set bonuses for Havoc and Season 3 set bonuses for Vengeance.

We’ve opened a poll for every class and every spec! You can vote now on your favorites, and the winners will determine what we build into the endgame for Season 4. Please keep in mind that we’re going to update the power of the set bonuses to match the increased power of the new gear in Season 4, so any bonuses you choose will be tuned to be as strong as any others.


Death Knight set look

Demon Hunter set look

Druid set look

Evoker set look

Hunter set look

Mage set look

Monk set look

Paladin set look

Priest set look

Rogue set look

Shaman set look

Warlock set look

Warrior set look

We’re really looking forward to seeing what the community chooses. Thank you very much!


ok so are we gonna separate pve tier and pvp tier choices or is an entire game mode gonna be screwed over due to the choices of pve’ers?


Will there be new colors to the tier that is voted most popular for appearance? Trying to understand if there is transmog potential that would influence decision or if it’s just flavor.


PVPers should vote for what’s best in PvP, PVEers should vote for what’s best in PVE, and people who do both should try to aim for a “jack of all trades” I assume


Have us vote on a 2 set bonus & a 4 set bonus. That would really give the feel of mix and match. Because no one is gonna vote for S1 or S2 over the S3 set bonus for Havoc.

Alternately, as was suggested elsewhere, let us just mix and match ourselves instead of this non-voting option.


Will we be getting 6 new tints for the chosen appearance or just 1?


looking forward to troll tier sets showing up cuz someone’s twitch chat thought it’d be funny


Why can’t each spec just have all 3 available to choose from and then you know just use the transmog feature to get the look they want… Is it balance concerns? Who cares - it’s S4…


Yeah also wondering how people will get these sets post season if they are different from the original sets color scheme wise? as they will not be associated with a particular raid tier

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Will we have a chance to vote on the colors of our tier sets? I’m no concept artist, but a few of the color combinations on armor sets this expansion have been… odd? Like I’m not sure where we were going with any of the Aberrus Demon Hunter armor colors, and a lot of the Amirdrassil Paladin sets look weirdly washed out.


You should make all three available for transmog purposes and let players mix match set bonuses.


I’d rather you just open it all up. We have tier set tokens in raid, let’s utilize that. Put 2 new consoles in the revival catalyst room.


you could at least have told us what the tier set bonuses were. I don’t remember past sets.


Kaivax, buddy, what are the chances of getting images and descriptions added to the polls?


That explains why the forum nearly died. An interesting idea, if nothing else.

Unfortunately, I fear that certain specs might be heavily one sided. Some of them have really only had 1 standout tier set bonus.

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can you just put them all on a vendor and let us choose?
public polls are not…good


this is such a terrible lazy idea. Make new ones!!! Do your jobs


Exactly. I had to go through 1-year-old links to see the old set bonuses.


Not sure how I feel about this idea because a good chunk of the set bonuses cater to different forms of content. Some set bonuses are really only good in raid, some are only really good in M+, and some are only really good in PvP.

Whoever wins the vote for said specializations kind of just screws the others so if your spec mostly has players who like to raid voting and you like to do M+ your spec mind end up subpar in the form of content you like.