Priest set look

For this class, in Season 4, I would like the look from:

Para esta clase, en la temporada 4, me gustaría la apariencia de:

Para esta classe na Série 4, quero o visual da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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I don’t think this is even a contest.


Hopefully it would be new colorations of the model?


I would dig new colorization.


Is there even a question here as to which one should win?


Not even a contest, S2 is the winner anyone who votes else is either a Troll or doesn’t have that seasons transmog.


Remember fella’s this isn’t “What set looks best” contest, this a “What pvp set do i want again” contest


“What elite pvp set do I want again” fixed it for ya :slight_smile:

The regular glad sets will be available towards The War Within and be on a vendor for 12 marks of honor like usual.

Or maybe they play a race that the tier doesn’t look good on. Sure, T2 looks great on standard-proportion races like human, NE, BE, even troll or female draenei, but it just doesn’t look great on races like dwarf, gnome, goblin, tauren, male draenei, or vulpera. T3 feels much better as being an all-around good looking set imo.


S3 is better than S1 though I will give you that. But S2 is best for just the shoulders alone.


I would support a “Body type 1 and Body type 2” vote. Some girls don’t enjoy big flappy appendages hanging off their armor and they want more form-fitting, sleekly svelte mogs they can relate to their toons better with.

Bartenders have known for a long time that when you bring the girls around, the party is better. Let the fashion go to the body type vote. This vote is much too general and androgynous. Ask the desired demographics to weigh in by respective demographic category, or perhaps let players choose one tier look individually and pay for the other as DLC if they want it. Or make all 3 looks available, but let the players assign which tier it goes to. So many more options so we havent got to all look like giant glowsticks… /facepalm

Or give back Benediction. I could live another tier unmotivated by mog looks if I could have that available to my priest in 2024. :slight_smile:

Not sure what I was expecting but I guess I thought we’d either get a totally new set orrrrr have access to increased ilevel versions of all three of the tier sets and could mix and match if we wanted. This is kinda a disappointment. I really hope we get new color variations at least, not that hard to make a new color variation or three…


Season 1 please. Season 2 is overrated


S2 Priest is gonna be one of those timeless pieces


S2 looks like I’m wearing plate. No thank you.

Season 3 is the best in both appearance and set bonus. I don’t know why S2 is winning :frowning:

As a no-life degen who has collected all of the tier sets and their color variations + the pvp versions in their entirety, I can say S3 is BIS.


This! People are picking the shaman season 3 set in case they get new colors. No, gimme season 1 shammy, season 2 lock and priest. I don’t even have a priest but I’ll get trained in arena for that.


S2 for sure

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Please vote for season 1 - it was so epic that you don’t even want to hide the cloak.
Season 2 has no desirable recolors & season 3 is available right now.

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16 years of simping for shoulder wings… unbelievable