Poll is flawed?

I think most people are choosing season 3 tier becuase of the nerf with flourish.

If poll was to revert / buff flourish then I can bet a lot people would choose season 2 .

Current state of resto druid in raids are awful.

Season 2 pre nerf or bust

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All the polls are crap.

Perceived power and fun weren’t just based on tier sets. It was dungeon composition, relative power from other classes, buffs/nerfs to abilities, tree changes, etc.

they’re also extra crap cause they’re pitting multiple playerbases against each other and calling it “soliciting player feedback”. pvpers often like one set and m+ players like another.

some tier sets that are currently winning only worked with old balancing and will actually be terrible for those specs. pres evoker is one of these (they were strong af in s1 so everyone is voting for the s1 set but it’s the weakest with how the class now plays).

and lots of people are choosing sets based on what they read rather than how they actually play. the resto shaman s1 set looks great when you’re just reading it out loud, but it’s numerically the weakest (and yet it’s winning).

blizz is passing the buck hard with these polls. they’re polarizing and should have been shot down by someone high up at blizz who understands that votes like this just end up naming new naval vessels boaty mcboatface. whichever bad marketing associate thought this up should be fired.

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tier vote has nothing to do with numbers… just the set bonuses you want to have… they are planning on rebalancing them all when season 4 comes

guardian druid is that way… everyone is voting for season 2 because it was part of the god comp then but they don’t realize it wasn’t because of the set but because of the situation between synergy of a set modifiers going on with other classes.


I think the polls are flawed… but for another reason.

They don’t really take into account what sort of activities people are doing.

If you are raid-focused, you will vote for whatever favors that, if you do mythic plus or PVP, you will vote for that.

Imagine being a PVPer and having the worst set for PVP win because there wasn’t a separate poll for that type of content.

Side note: I do not pvp outside of the occational random bg, but I believe everyone should get a fair shake for what content they enjoy doing.

Working as intended I purposely vote for the most under tuned worse tier on spec I don’t play.

Or, and hear me out, it’s not about power, but rather the play style of Season 2 tier and the irritating limitations of Season 3.

Season 2 provides more health all the time (having the biggest health pool in the game is fun, and many people are now starting to stack mastery as a third stat after haste/vers, so we might see even bigger returns). It offers healing that scales with damage taken, making it more effective in larger pulls or more challenging content. Additionally, it increases the damage we deal with Raze and Maul, meaning many people’s favorite builds become popular again, instead of the galactic build. It also grants us more rage, allowing us to cast Raze even more for additional damage and shields (pushing more buttons is fun).

On the other hand, Season 3 provides a static 25% shield that never improves because you can’t generate any more rage. Furthermore, you can’t always pop the shield, which incentivizes poor play because you want to stand in bad. Finally, it’s boring. You pop a cooldown you would have on pull, and that’s it.

Pugging on a bursting or bolstering week? Want to just run +18s to fill the vault? Want to farm +18s for a specific item? Want to help carry friends through low keys? Too bad you don’t take enough damage to break the shield and, therefore, get zero damage done from the tier set. Maybe if they had made it an immediate thorn effect or if it always popped for the damage taken on expiration. But they didn’t, so it remains one of the worst sets ever designed for any class I’ve played. Which does suck because 25% DR is very nice.

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this is false. even in a vacuum or bubble. even before Aug even existed. s2 set for bear is just better all around.

S2 guardian set was good because is all passive. You are always passively increasing your own HP and damage you deal with. You always get that bonus. S3 bonus is tie to an ability so you can’t always get that bonus.

its all about power… 90% of the people that are voting are people who heard that bear was part of the god comp and want it back…

and people also don’t understand that numbers will be adjusted so the way s2 worked won’t be the same as last time anyways due to that fact… but keep trying to make it seem better when it was clearly not worth the fact it took more effort to do a 20 in s2 than it does in s3

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The initial post says right in it:

So unless:

A. Not reading the initial post.
B. Have not heard about it from everyone repeating it everywhere.
C. Have a first grade reading comprehension.
D. Reasoned as I have that you can’t properly balance a good tier set that always works against one that doesn’t function correctly in many instances. If you consider this power.

I really don’t think people are voting on power but rather on how it felt to play the set. I know that is what I did and several other druid friends did the same, yet everyone assumes I’m doing it based on power which couldn’t be further from the truth. I find the current set boring as its entirely passive and incentivizes me to do stupid things that will either kill the party due to over pulling or force me to stand in stuff and take unnecessary damage (not exactly game play I enjoy.)

Did everyone vote for fun and not power? No but its not the other way around either and that was what my post was really trying to get across. People are making absolutist statements when they are not true.


It feels exactly the same. You did absolutely nothing different in season 2. You don’t do anything different now in season 3 than you did in season 1 either.

Season 1 and Season 2 were “passive” and yes season 3 is tied to an “ability”…but you use the ability in the exact same ways as you did before. The game play doesn’t change. You use Rage at the same points now as you did in Season 2 and Season 1.

The game play hasn’t really changed, except I think some talents got swapped around in season 2 and now you can play galactic guardian and raze at the same time. Which makes season 3 the strongest and most fun to do.

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Getting more rage means making an active choice between IF and raze/maul and if nothing else it means pressing more buttons. So season 2 is less passive than season 3 were its the same button you would be pressing already.

But this is one of only several points I made in the last post. Even if I grant you this season 2 wins out with other things I value.

This doesn’t change the passiveness. Pushing more buttons has nothing to do with it. You still pick Raze > IF at a set amount of stacks. Nothing changes. You get a few more APM but the play style is still EXACTLY the same.

You just get more rage with season 3 to be beefier and do more dps.

So we disagree on the definition of passive. I see passive recourse generation leading to more decision making you see it as the same thats already being made.

Lets call it something else other than passive than lets call it saloifhoasifh. Either way its the play style I prefer. I want more resources to make more decisions to hit more buttons. To me that is better game play than no change at all in my rotation.

So you want season 3 lol

Well I can see this conversation is going nowhere fast…

Youre stull not understanding that the rotation doesnt change, more resources or not. Theres a priority system and that dictates your rotation.

Sure you push more buttons. But in the same orders.

IF to 2-4 (i prefer 3), and the test into Raze/Maul

More resources isnt going to change that. Just means you hit your IF stacks earlier and get more Razes and Mauls

And playing GG in S3 gives you more resources to do so. I guess thinking about, the revert to GG procs may let you play GG with the season 2 tier as well.

But the amount of damage reduction and dps gained from S3 four piece easily outdoes the 15% increased health and 20% damage from Raze/Maul