Gentlemen’s Agreement

While we may try to sabotage each other’s tier sets for season 4, we must all agree on one simple thing as decent human beings:

Nobody votes for S2 appearances excluding Warrior.

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Voting for evoker s2 appearance now


Jokes on you, we can’t even mog our armor

:dracthyr_hehe_animated: :dracthyr_hehe_animated: :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


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Evoker S2 is cool, S1 was okay, and this season is lame.


idk man, a lot of the s2 elites were fire.

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s2 evoker, pally, and dk all looked really cool

Was gonna say I prefer Evoker s2.

Season 2 Druid, Rogue, Priest, and Mage were all pretty good.

Season 3 Priest is somehow even better, though.

Edit: Just checked the Priest votes and apparently people don’t agree. Huh. I mean, I did make a mog with the Season 2 gear and not with Season 3, but I think Season 3 works better as a full set.

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Any chance to add salt in the wounds of Paladins is a chance worth taking and they HATE that Priest got that set appearance instead of them.

I don’t think anyone’s sabotaging, but it’s pretty clear bonus’ that are amazing in pve and terrible for pvp will be chosen for some classes.

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The S2 Priest set is IMO one of the best Blizzard has ever done. S3 is decent but the helm looks kinda janky and the chest is too plain vs rest of the set.


Are they going to be the same colors? Recolors? Or new models inspired by those seasons?

S2 paladin set is the shiznit.

Yeah but you like Blue :nauseated_face: