Unholy spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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Fix this damn class already.


Season 2 is BIS boys vote for it.

This IS NOT THE XMOG thread don’t vote s3 here


If you made a mistake you can change your vote.


We are legit going to get s3 bonus again because people cant read HAHA


people can read just fine, I assure you.


Voting S3 because this is great for PVP :3c


S2 was the best armor and the best tier bonus and because people are being uneducated by them not having the full examples and what tiers were at top they will all vote s3… in S2 we were monster and in S1 the skill gap was big and rough but if you hit it you could really wreck.

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Casual reminder for people reading Tkyo’s post. S2 wasn’t better.


Folks, you do know these will likely be rebalanced as well, so focus on gameplay not on numbers.

S3 has the better gameplay, S2 being a good close 2nd. S1 didn’t really add much.


I have to commend you for such an impressive display of misinformation LOL. Without the season 3 set doing AOE magus damage we would be omega screwed harder than this. The truth is we were underrepresented in keys last season too. We have core fundamental issues that need addressed. We NEED REWORKED. a tier set wont fix our problems.


S2’s set bonuses also felt way worse and weren’t as good for aoe. S3 is the obvious pick here, we’re not getting invited to keys regardless.


In season 2 we were “monster” because army and gargoyle did 20-30% more damage and PI was not nerfed. Don’t mistake it for the S2 tier set actually being better. Side by Side they are roughly the same relative increase around 11% I believe it was.


Ignore this clown


Lol Reach…

This isn’t a good argument because anything not augment/spriest/mage/rogue/warrior/warlock/shaman was under reppe’d. Which shows well in the chart you linked.

Truth is that DK brings nothing to a key that another class can’t add with more utility, and the way death and decay currently functions with cleave. It’s very punishing to play dk in a pug group or any group really because when tanks chain pull you have to sit on your biggest aoe for as long as it takes to get the pull together. Sometimes that pull just doesn’t ever stop, so having a DK wouldn’t be ideal.

You aren’t wrong about some things needing to be reworked. Death and Decay is a hinderance not a help to groups and should be altered to be an aura on the DK. That said the reason that dk’s had low rep last season was moreso because of utility than damage, and mainly because it wasn’t Evoker/Mage/Priest. They do good damage from what I saw from S2 vods, either unholy or frost.

What I’m saying is that you wouldn’t be able to judge a tier set based on rep alone, you’d actually have to dig through parses and do comparisons of comparable dungeons mob count wise for all 3 seasons at minimum to even start to have an idea of what tier set would be better.


for pvp it was the only benefit the new set brings is cleave damage in mythic + just let us pick our own set and put them all on a vendor.

The season 2 tier set is the most balanced one and benefits raid/pvp/mythic+ dont know why blizzard once again just balance around pve.


I second this, but unfortunately I can only see this meaning more work for them, and we all know they hate more work even if it would cause further diversity among the community instead of figuring out a way to make everyone happy.

Yeah I dislike the phrase ‘not debatable’ but when blizzard has to pump that many buffs into a spec initially to compensate for a damage loss like they did in S3 you know they messed up.

I really wish they’d just disable the set bonuses and totally un nerf both talent trees for everyone in that game mode. Playing area in Season one prior to set bonuses being out was very fun. It got very un fun very quickly after.

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Well exactly a 20% mastery buff and 10% baseline damage on coil and epidemic was massive for us to lose its why we recieved buffs in s3 which have been nerfed in pvp now magus of the dead shadowbolts are still nerfed by 66% in pvp too ontop of the 50% nerf to set bonus.


To have a spec balance around a 20-25% mastery increase when most players are already hitting a soft cap with mastery at 5100-5400 so you think that is better for us? don’t be silly. Legion we had a very similar Set bonus in Tomb of Sargeras where we had our pet damage buffed, season 3 we have a very similar tier set bonus, the entirety of unholy is based off our pet damage with our dots being a strong contender with that, so what if our DC and epidemic gets buffed from the 2 set? we are in a strong position now having that buffed without a 2set from season 2, whilst the set we have now entirely gives us 2 more ranged pets and a 5% damage application that can last upto 30 seconds (Ticks on a 10 second overall), my vote is Season 3 with our current position with raiding and mythic+. If you have played DK long enough you know our class works heavily off pet damage and also works off our stat caps. Also keep in mind that garg is nerfed by 30% this tier and PI is also nerfed and we are still pumping charts with the set we have now.

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