Feral spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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please, if we’re getting the season 3 set, feral needs more aoe buffs, namely to tear open wounds and rampant ferocity, maybe even to rip damage to give us a little in single target, because its honestly really lacking and the strength of those talents and rip is currently very underwhelming. the season 3 tier set is amazing and extremely fun, but our aoe is currently so bad, that people are considering voting for the season 1 set just because it would be a bandaid fix to that issue, which i think would be a bad situation and not what the spec needs right now. i speak for the vast majority of the feral playerbase in saying that our aoe is just not good enough right now and i think its time for us to stop suffering from being good at aoe for once in season 1 so we can start being atleast competetive again.


To those that picked Season 2, who hurt you?


Why would anyone vote season 3? it legit pigeon holds us into running a talent


Get out.

If you voted season 2 pls stop playing feral


Are you complaining about 1 talent point that most were taking for tyrannical weeks and raid anyway? Even though its easily our best tier yet? But because the skill is not baseline and you had to spend 1 point lets throw it out for two sub par sets to spite the design team. That will show them…


I mostly agree here. They dinged our AoE a little too hard with the shift to help ST. Season 3 tier is hands down the best and S1 wont really make up for the AoE considering the talent changes. ST will take a dive again.

It wasn’t just 1 point for a lot of people, for me it cost 3-4 points I had to take from elsewhere. Not everyone ran the same cookie cutter build, even if it was technically less optimal. QoL builds are valid too.

I know this one is going to win, it was by far the best set we got. Heck I voted for it. I just don’t like being forced into a talent that is far down on the tree on a side I didn’t usually use.

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Lack of AOE damage truly sucks… but the real issue with voting season 3 tier is that we will run convoke. Convoke is one of the worst designed dps cool-downs ever created.


Why is there no option for a frankenstein tier set with S1 4PC and S3 2PC? It even sims great and would provide an actual ‘shake up.’

Nevertheless, S3 obviously biggest impact on gameplay and one of the best tier sets ever made for Feral. Only concern is playing the same setup for 10 months straight. It’s also tiring how dependent Feral is on Augmentation evoker with current tier, where it was slightly annoying on prog and now becoming outright draining already on farm that I’m not sure I want to deal with it for another season.

Season 3 set will be less fun with Grieftorch as you couldn’t grieftorch near or during your burst as you’d want to use another on-use like Ashes or Puzzlebox(?) to sync with CDs. Also slightly wasteful using inside every FF window every 30 sec.

S1 4PC is a banger and even if it doesn’t win it should return as a talent. Nice incentive to pool a bit and spend energy building CPs quickly after finishing to utilise the crit buff, also was super nice with Apex in M+ and being able to use the buff window to try maximise builders. The set as a whole was somewhat passive with some nice minor min-max which was satisfying, and had a really good damage profile to it.

Although it’s said tuning will happen, S1 innately favours AOE, S2 ST, and S3 leans more ST but still solid on AOE.

S4 is a M+ season so I have voted for S1 for now purely to shake things up again in terms of talents in raid and with S1 tier set brought up to the power level of S3, it should be best for M+. I’d be happy with S3 as well though.

But yeah this spec needs Rip/RF/Slash/LI/FM etc buffs badly to retain players for S4 M+ season.


I really hate Season 3


I don’t understand how anyone could want Season 2 set, it was incredibly weak even after it got buffed, to the point that you basically needed 4/4 equivalent ilvl of the previous tier for it to be an actual upgrade. Add on it’s inconsistency in procs and the way it forces you to pause during the same time you should be pumping as many gcds as possible so you don’t overcap combo points. It was disruptive and not fun to play with.

Even the most casual player would probably find more benefit in the Season 1 set.

Personally, because of the way it helps encourage you to line everything up, i love the Season 3 set the most in M+ and Raiding, gives much stronger burst potential.

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because that talent is a high damage 1 gcd ability that gives us a large buff to all damage for 8 seconds, so perfect for convoke

Where are the set bonuses so we can see them? I didnt play season 1 and 2

i hated season 2’s… wasn’t a great set bonus imo and played rough.

never touched season 1 so can’t commit to much on it. reads great. favors a medium speed where not rushing to fast to keep from overcapping but fast enough to keep the 4 second buff up at top cp spent.

season 3 has been okay at best. its heavy on 1 ability and if you fail using it then your dps drops. its a bit controlling in that aspect. balancing also way to heavy into FB and our other abilities need some love.

I honestly would rather have season 1 over season 3 but season 3 isn’t a terrible for a second time.

Rip damage also = Tear Open Wounds damage, and Rip & Tear. Rip is exactly what they should be buffing, don’t think TOW itself needs a buff as simply buffing AOE-only is not going to address how bad the spec is in M+, and a Rip buff wouldn’t affect raid. For example you could slap a 20% buff on Rip and it’d still only be a 2% single target gain in raid. Feral raid damage is inflated quite a bit by Aug anyway. Obvs RF buff to keep it in line with TOW too. Maybe even buffs to builders too.

I respect your decision to play whatever talents you want but not taking Raging Fury + BT or Lion’s Strength is indeed quite suboptimal and it’s not like Raging Fury at least isn’t QoL, while LS is still very closely behind BT.

I do think its intended BT/LS is a ‘core’ node you want, hence Predatory Swiftness is shortly before it (if you weren’t taking BT/LS, you would also drop Pred Swiftness as its a 0 DPS node).

Again I respect your decision to pick what you want but I think it’s totally unfair to say Blizz is forcing you into 4 nodes when clearly there’s a line that has to be drawn between doing your own thing and losing a bit of DPS vs just picking outright terrible choices and saying Blizz is forcing you away from this.

Even the path to Feral Frenzy you have plenty of choice in itself (raging fury/TT, or pred swiftness → shortcut to CI → FF, and obviously BT/LS) so even if the set is designed around FF, you can still customise to a significant degree pathing there.


Season 1 Was the best! It buffed our bleeds! its the most consistent and reliable set! Please vote Season 1!!!


Feral is screwed out of a lot of damage in pvp if we don’t go season 3. Kinda sucks being held captive by pve majority.

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