Retribution spec bonuses

s2 isnt better than s3 in m+ the gain is less than half in aoe situations. the “better style” is also false because both tiers are the s ame in terms of simplicity. s2 makes your how hammers apply debuff and s3 tier rewards proper rotation play which you should be doing to begin with. literally the only “mandatory talent” is expung which is totally free and should be picked regardless of anything. please dont spread misinfo to slander other tiersets

keep in mind that even with s2 buffing how and making it cleave, it was still last in the priority list for m+

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here’s a thought: tuning isnt the issue with S3 set, its just mechanically trash and forces terrible talent picks. it increases ur globals during burst and forces u to press lower overall dmg to get its full benefit. you cannot tune the fact it doesnt do ANYTHING for us mechanically and forces bad talents.

Here’s another thought: they could tune S2 like they say their going too


you have to be realistic. they would have to buff s2 by 300% to make it viable.

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They aren’t going to tune it by enough to make it competitive.

There is absolutely no way they buff the set bonus by 300%

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My brother in Christ, that’s like saying you’d cut a cake with a lead pipe because it’s higher ilvl than your old knife…
Nobody is keeping you from just getting another knife at the same ilvl the pipe would be.

If PvP is a concern, shouldn’t we talk about why we only have like 3 pvp talents? Is that not a concern?

The set is hardly gonna help a casual get 1800 in a badly tuned minigame when you can do that with honor gear if you’re beyond keyboard turning.

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they already stated they would be adjusted to make all 3 equal dont ask me how they’ll do it, its already planned to be done.


Because as long as season 2 keeps us competitive in comparison to most specs then it’s fine.

So it depends how other classes are tuned.

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The tier set has little bearing on if you’re competitive.

Also none of you pvpers complaining play at a high enough level for this to matter.


2700/Mglad… i am absolutely affected by the extension of my burst window due to extra globals, for a trash set bonus and useless filler talents to force that set bonus to work. the S3 set bonus 100% dampens Ret in pvp, S2 makes us way more competitive and it is literally as simple as hammer applying judgement, and only needing to press blade of justice as filler, using globals on more effective dmg.


So you think your class bonus doesn’t greatly impact how well you can perform against other classes?? Lol r u serious

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I don’t think it matters for YOU specifically.

In what universe do you not take expurgation lmfao. Get off the ret pally thread please, you dont play it


check the switch, truth is it doesnt matter for u mister pve god, w.e people pick for u its just a tuning game that blizzard has SAID THEY WILL DO…for me is mechanics that change whether im able to deal lethal during a full hoj/no trinket go, or have to wait for my execution sentence to drop 6 seconds later. when the person has likely been taken out of lethal range.

What exactly you getting at cuz you’re making no sense

Like this a personal attack? Lol based on what?

It’s not like the heartfire set was incredible let’s be honest, and a marginally better set might impact 100-150 rating at best, especially if you’re a multiglad you’re not suddenly gonna be hardstuck 2k for wearing conquest gear.

So whichever set wins or loses doesn’t matter:
A) They were designed for PvE
B) Most of the arguments pro T2 are due to PvP, when we have 3 viable talents.

If the decision is so complex why not use the polarizing poll to bring the poopy pvp talent situation to light? cause if they buffed Wrathful Sanction by 300% in PvP suddenly you’d want to have that set and use that set, regardless of how it personally felt.

So the set isn’t the problem.


I’m saying you don’t play at a high enough level for the effects of the tier set to have a significant effect on your rating.

I’m voting for what was more fun to play and not what makes my dps look bigger. And season 2 was way more fun in my eyes than the season 3 bonus.

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it would be nerfed in pvp the next week and i still wouldnt want it for the week that its broken because it is still clunky and unless its globalling is still worse for what ret does and is taken for in arena. it actually affects rets viability greatly, all u offer is burst/utility. Some of our key comps especially with how broken caster cleaves are atm, are entirely based on how fast we can kill one when we finally catch them. not only does S2 set allow for more dmg from ranged (Hammer into FV, instead of blade>judge>FV, 1 less global for more dmg and all the same effects…)

Set bonuses impact everyone’s rating … Doesn’t matter if they’re sweaty or casual.

Your argument is bad


They’re both a tuning game lmao.

Minigamers are nuts if they think that their ability to do good burst rest solely on having one less global.

It doesn’t matter how much you keep repeating it, they aren’t gonna buff the S2 set by 300%