Now that the Tier Set voting has concluded for Season 4 - are you happy?

i would’ve preferred S2 over S3 but it’s nice to continue S3 instead of going back. it’s like it never changed.

I would’ve preferred we get to mix and match tier bonuses.

I’m really happy with both holy paladin and mistweaver monk, disappointed with disc since the tier set isnt used in pvp

Means blizzard might do some filtering before considering the results final.

Wait… what? What did I miss?

oh wow. Crazy. I never say this. :o only advertised on the forums? never saw it on b. net launcher. Always wanted bliz to do more polls and I hecking missed one.

News feed on the website, then all of the other sites picked it up. Was on Twitter, too and some streamer videos.

Why not Bnet? No idea. Usually news from their website is on the launcher. But I don’t read the launcher. lol

S2 Dev was strong in PvE but a non-factor for PvP but S1 tier functioned well for both without being tied to Dragonrage windows.

Only mildly disappointed not getting to see S1 bloodlust uptime with our new and improved crit-favoring build.

There should have been new tier with new bonus’

Not happy at all

The resto shaman voting thread was hilarious.

A ton of people not understanding how their resto shaman spells work and/or the season 2 set worked. And very confidently stating so. And using this wrong information on why they voted for season 1.

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I got 2 outta 5 i was hoping for. Its going to be an interesting season

I’m fine with what was chosen. Looks wise, I’ll probably just transmog over it, and bonus wise, it works for me.

I’ve also come to realize that maybe PvP shouldn’t have tier set bonuses. The amount of arrogance from PvPers and the amount of hatred and dismissal right off the bat from them shown for everyone else really turned me against any of their arguments.

If it wasn’t for their attitudes, I’d say they should have separate tier set bonuses, but I don’t think they can handle that sort of thing, so just don’t give them bonuses to fight over at all.

I don’t mind which tier set I am using as long as one of the specs I like to play is good in M+. If it’s a hard one I will just be a little worse than normal LOL

Not at all because I want a rework not a bandaid

Absolutely! No more cancerous Odyn’s Fury!

Oh I didn’t vote, whoops…ummm

did locks do good?

I’m happy. Season 2 for bear transmog and tier.

Although if they don’t recolor the tier I guess I really don’t care about looks at all as they are all farmable anyway and honor gear unlocks soon with the expansion release. Although the votes hopefully have an impact in showing what players are looking for in their preferred mog styles so we can get more sets that are not like druid season 3 where it doesn’t match the class at all.


nope I am sure every single one was not the set I wanted. I haven’t looked at them yet but when I was voting none of the highest ranked were the ones I wanted.

Both Demo and Affliction heavily voted for Season 3. Destro went with Season 1.

I don’t play destro and demo but the Affliction choice of season 3 I am very happy with. Season 1 and 2 were both boring and didn’t impact your playstyle at all for Affliction.

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