Mistweaver spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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Season One

Season Two

Season Three


Wonder, if anyone is going to pick anything but the S3 set.

S1 does the same thing as S3 but worse. Not to mention Blizzard’s seeming hatred of EF and nerfs to the ability make it less desirable. Also, I’d bet money on it not interacting with the changes to how vivify heals and not getting fixed for weeks.
The S2 2-set is worthless with the current state of mana for MW, though the 4-set could be funny with mana tea sips.
Feels pretty obvious which way it’s going to go.


Infinite mana mistweaver is so impossible strong in raid, which is why I voted for the season 2 set bonus. The season 3 bonus is strong but how boring to go two seasons in a row with the same tier.

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The big problem is S4 is going to much more centered around m+ than it is for raid. Voting for a tier set because its strong in raid is a poor choice for S4

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The season 2 bonus was changed to no longer give mana but instead just be a flat healing increase to ReM, Viv and EnvM


I wish that we could find something NEW. Not that I’m hating the improvement that Season 3 gives. But something that mutually benefits the play style of fistweaving and casting. Maybe a tier set that does something similar to the Trinket: Neltharion’s Call to Dominance

I WISH that Rising Mists was just a built in passive that all Mistweavers could choose to use or not use. Then we could choose to talent into Tear of the Morning.

I’d rather have the s2 personally lol. Feel like s3 set was way too good to get a round 2.

That was a change made to nerf it moving into season 3 - would the new bonus be the original season 2 one, or the nerfed edition?

We certainly have to think about the last part: ‘updated from’

Meaning it’s going to use the tier set as a base and make it evolve for s4 :thinking:

Season 3 is … dramatically not good in raids compared to in m+. Because there are so many targets, your renewing mist and thus your chi harmony buff is unlikely to end up on or stay on someone you’re casting a vivify or enveloping mist on or perhaps even a cleave heal on (since rn can jump)… it’s just a wasted bonus.

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I agree, in raids I get significantly less value from the bonus.

Anyone who didn’t choose s3 plz note with io

Chi Harmony does not travel with Renewing Mist and it stays on the target initially applied. Given that ReMs from Rapid Diffusion prioritize injured targets, the optimal Chi Harmony placement is mostly automatic in raids.

I wish that we could just suggest tier set ideas. I’m tired of these sets being so just… whelming. I like the sets that you can play with. Like drinking a tea does xyz.

How about a set where every time you activate ReM you gain a stack, when you activate your celestial you gain Intellect per each stack. Similar to the Trinket: Neltharion’s Call to Dominance.



Re-doing the sets from earlier season is boring and lazy. Unlimited mana was fun in raids though.

They should have gone the route of just balancing the classes without a s4 tier set. Probably would have made it easier for them going into next expansion with the hero talents, and also give them more time to balance that system. There is no way the addition of any of the first 3 tiers wont break MW balancing, so prepare for more nerfs to base class abilities till next expansion mid s1/s2.

I doubt Ill be sticking around for s4 myself if it’s not offering anything significant or new, s3 was pretty boring for me and I don’t see myself enjoying s4 much.

Season 2 set is horrible and I am glad it’s not coming back. It would legit become very annoying sipping 1 stack of Mana Tea every now and then just to keep the healing bonus rolling. Also 2p doesn’t scale well in M+.

S3 set is much simpler and very effective, not even a need to make a WA to track the buff.