Elemental spec bonuses

Nice staff brother <3

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If you vote season 3 , you are bad , I’m sorry.


Really hoping everyone pulls their heads out of their gorgonzola pits and goes s2


Meatball mashers are really going to screw us huh


Season 3 preferably but please just anything besides season 2


Vote based on gameplay, not strength of the tier set; numbers will be tuned as per the original blue post.

Season 1 doesn’t force a specific talent choice and many different builds were viable across M+ and raid content; you can play Fire, Lightning, a mix of both, Ice fury or no Ice fury. EotGS or not, EB or not.


if s1 is allowed to win, the recent 50% EQ buff would make EotGS instantly a full time pick, I don’t think that’s going to be very fun in single target, Though blizzard will likely forsee this and just simply revert the buff to avoid any issues, but that’ll just make fire unviable in situations with lots of AoE.

Speculation isn’t helpful.

Blizzard acts in a very specific manner, and the speculation is in line with how they treat us as Shaman.

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Still not helpful.

They don’t think about shaman I’m fairly convinced.

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Please, dont vote on a tier that oblie us to take determined talents.


This is not going to end well -_-

You will join. Resistance is futile. All will be meatball.


Season 1 was the most fun. You’re all wrong.


Season 1 should be the one to push for since it allows for both lightning players and lava players to be able to play the style they choose. That’d make sense though. Can’t have that.

Meatballs for days, brothers and sisters!


Meatballs will fly

Lets go with season 1 for god’s sake i am tired of playing lava build, i just want to shoot some lightning!

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If I have to choose I’ll choose for the best effect.
The crux of me says zap zap S:2, but I know the fragility of the rotation that feels like I’ll lose my spot due to the wind blowing in the wrong direction. It just always feels a little bit off, like I’m two seconds too short, 25 maelstrom too little to do what I want to do, and 20 maelstrom too much that I just can’t utilize it.

I would love to have seen modular tier set bonuses. Picking two two-piece bonuses would have been interesting and a space to explore with dramatically different builds until the dust settled. And sure the dust would need to settle, but that’s where the fun is.

That is something that i would like to see as well but i think it will require a lot of tuning, why not just let the tier set be toggleble? and let us use all 3 of them whenever we want!

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