Story Forum Community Lounge (Part 2)

It’s either someone not knowing those exists, or after what blizz was being accused of with their female employees, they just don’t want to deal with any mention of certain…waves at general chest area

But either way, the moderation is very……suspect 90% of the time with what they will and will not deal with


Oh well I’m going to keep writing and if the mods don’t like people being people then they can ban me. I’m not going to stop writing about people and their relationships with each other.

For what it matters, I’d have taken that story down just for how badly it was written… like seriously don’t post while in a moment of raw emotion… that well written sentence is actually bad… like really bad.


Nor should you stop. You just have to keep in mind that there’s a lot of toxic dudebros at blizz and on their moderation team that have ZERO CLUE on what a healthy relationship with a woman looks like


When I appealed it, the person said that the temp suspension was a bit too far. But instead of removing it, they said it had to stay for something that was not even in the post that got flagged.

And of course they then closed the ticket and I got a warning that if I opened up another one, the temp suspension would no longer be a temp.

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They must have taken the same training courses as my last HR person… just a vile little person who wanted to be the company problem solver.

edit: but, instead of solving problems they just pretended they weren’t really problems…

Also… what’s going on with the forums? so bloody slow…

Blizzard, for some insane reason as made it so that we can vote on what tier appearance and what tier set the classes and specs will have in season 4 respectively

I say it is stupid because you can intentionally try and screw over specs you hate by voting for the set bonus they hated the most.


I am a big fan of the democratic process, but there are just some things that should never come down to a vote!!

Why are we allowing players to vote on matters of game balance?!?

Tier appearance though is fine. Just not the bonus.


imo it should be ranked choice if they want to get the community to vote on the tier bonuses.

but that is the aussie in me


I love this form of voting, makes it so we don’t feel like our vote didn’t count… which is probably why it won’t take off in america… we are obsessed with winning and pointing out who is losing.


The American in me is just too busy thinking about how badly this can go wrong. Because of course everyone will vote for the strongest bonus, that’s fine.

But nobody will agree which bonus that happens to be!!

Like, do not trust me, Alynsa, ultra-casual, never-raider, scared-to-pvp MM hunter to have a vote here!! Which one summons cutesy animals to attack my foes when I proc a proc? Does one of them make my first Aimed Shot in combat have half the cast time, cuz I’m picking that!! Unless one of them makes treants or unicorns or big snakes come out of nowhere to bite just everything, because give me that please!!

My boomkin has a set bonus that makes my very first two Sun Fireball or Star Thinger cast much quicker in combat. I love that bonus, because it basically means for 90% of my gameplay, it’s active!! Why would I ever choose not-that? And yet, the votes seem to be going differently. It’s lucky for the real boomkin mains that more boomkin casuals like me are not voting.


According to the enhancement specialists… which I am not likely to be included in judging by how frequently I’m told how to do better… we love pets, wolves of the ghostly variety especially and so ghost wolves it is…

I personally hate pet classes, which is why I don’t play hunter… too many pets, MM was ok for a bit… just couldn’t stay engaged.

Remember how I hate shapeshifting classes? Shaman have that too it’s called Ascendence… it’s not even remotely amusing how bad it looks.

I am a real piece of work I tell you, I love a class that is trying to be a shapeshifting pet summoning class and I don’t like either of those things… when does druid get forms that aren’t forms for the other forms? I’m not that into balance to really enjoy it.

Well maybe try not pressing Disengage on cooldown, Nightsong!!

Balance is easily my second favorite spec to play in the entire game, and even then it’s so close. Running around, Moon and Sun Fires zapping every mob in sight, doing these big pulls, slapping Starfall (?) and then just healing through the damage as everything dies feels so satisfying. Especially when I see just how many things I smushed!!


:scream_cat: :joy_cat:

Oh I get the appeal, really I do… I just don’t get the same joy out of it that others do. Not sure why but something about the game play just doesn’t engage with me like Ehancement does.

Though that feeling you have, that’s how I feel while playing enhancement and getting through a big pull, which often relies on luck for us.


See, this is why my biggest love is Marksman. When I do big pulls, it doesn’t come down to a lot of luck. Just a little luck. Maybe something like

10% luck.
20% skill.
15% concentrated power of will.
5% pleasure.
And 50% pain.

And 100% reason to remember my name.



How could we ever forget you?
See you tomorrow, sadly I need sleep, been a long day.

And again welcome back. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:


Hi, Steve. How are things? Saw you at the Blizzcon conference. I was there with nobody to talk to, and I saw you there. I don’t speak to many people I don’t know, so I knew immediately I wasn’t going to speak to you. I’d like to thank you for the community, first of all. I only know that your name is Steve because one of the Blizzard guys introduced you to me. I asked him “Who’s that guy over there with the tie?” and he said “Him? That’s Steve.” I don’t know if you work at Blizzard or not. Do You? Tech has always fascinated me. I know that here in Boise Blizzard is trying to set up roots, so maybe you’re part of their traveling circus. I was the brunette in the knee-high skirt and magenta blazer. Hair was kind of frizzy, didn’t have time to comb it this morning. I know you saw me, you kind of looked my way and if memory serves correctly you started walking toward me but one of your friends, a guy who was about 5 and a half feet tall with glasses, put his hand on your shoulder and pulled you back. The rest of the night we were arranged into lines to look at the different consoles. Given that you’re big into computers I know you have to be on this board somewhere. I searched all the usernames by index for “steve”, but nothing showed up. I assume you’re here under another username. Please reply ayec.


Oh my goodness, another one?? Steve, what have we told you about this!! You know you are a heart-stealer!! You gotta stop giving strangers “the Look” or they will keep stalking you!!

Gosh darn it, Steve.


Dang, my favorite seasonal set for Shaman is probably not going to win, S3 is in the lead by a pretty large margin!

S3 is not a bad set but it’s definitely more Horde-themed. Wolf sets are fine, they’re just… very thematically restricted, even on Horde in some ways. The shoulders are just so big and goofy unless you’re an Orc. (Nothing wrong with Orcs though! Zug zug! Dabu and all that!) S1 was just so good though, you’re like some kind of electric? Molten? ROCK ascendant, kapow!

Thankfully the sets for Druid and Priest that I like are winning by a landslide but that’s not totally surprising considering the Season 2 sets for those classes completely ATE and left ZERO crumbs. (I need to stop watching stuff with Drag Queens…)

TBH I didn’t read into it super deep, so I’m not sure if the voting just means an upgraded version of the same set for S4 or a new color-way. I’m hoping for new color 'cause ya girl loves some transmog! Best dressed Shaman this side of the Great Dark Beyond!

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Sometimes I think I am “with it” but then I realize I can be like a babe in the woods.

I saw that thread in GD about Season 4. I thought:

“WoW, that’s neat. Blizzard is giving people choices for that lull to sort of play around with. This thread should be filled will all sorts of cheers and positivity…”

Then I finished the first post and scrolled down.

People have complaints that I wouldn’t have fathomed if I sat for an hour and tried to think of complaints.