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…are you my twin brother or something?

Earlier today (think 6-8 AMish) about ~1-2 inches sprinkled down in Denver metro area - actually created some rather slick roads during my morning drive, had some iffy moments sliding around/drifting a little bit on turns :grimacing:

…spoiler: by around 10 AM-12 PM it had all completely melted and roads were “bone dry” again :rofl::rofl:

Reminds me of this huge snowstorm we had in Ottawa like 2 years ago, everyone was allowed to go home after only being at work for an hour or two. I stayed to get some work done that we had been falling behind on.

Left early myself but only by an hour or so. Left the building only for my bus to be stuck n the middle of the nearby intersection so I put my safety goggles on( was snowing hard enough I had trouble seeing) and just walked home.

The pros of working within walking distance.

Whoops posted on my 20 rogue Its actually me toskosa.

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Haven’t been to Calgary in almost 40 years but basically anywhere in Canada gets better dumps than Raincouver.

Well we are supposed to get 9-14 inches tommorrow. So i guess we can both frolic in the snow with the shovels and the salt.

i sure hope so haha.

Vote for your DF season 4 tier sets:

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Oh no it’s been so long since I logged into retail my avatar has been banished to the shadow realm.

Edit. Weird. It’s just a shadow in my drop down but it works fine when I post.

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The forum can be a bit buggy. For a while, my forum avatar was a red ghost.

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i want to be a red ghost.


Looks like the “Premades in Random BGs” thread just got nuked for talking about the you-know-what :roll_eyes:

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and not people acting like manchildren fr

Is no thread safe?



@Bepples i want to thank you for all that you do in fighting with us for a good cause vs “THAT PREMADE”. Thank you for being another one of us who is not afraid to stand our ground against their nonsense. I salute you brother :saluting_face:

nope not with them trying to do damage control since the vid went up.

ur cute when u grovel

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Just wait til the next time the forums “crash” or “glitch out”, then you’ll progress past the “ghosted silhouette” icon to the generic-looking WoW icon like me :joy:

From what I remember the forums login server “glitched out” a while back and lots of people couldn’t log in for some hours. When it finally came back and I logged in, it turned the avatar into this “generic looking” WoW icon

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Anyone here going to play d3 season 30? I finished ranked 50 last season in the solo self found no set leadboards with a manald heal wizard build.

Enjoying the snow?

HAHA, i am yes

With the arctic air that came in last night, it currently feels like it’s -16 degrees celsius. I took a vacation day, lol.