Affliction spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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Deciding between 3 and 1.

3 grants an extra solid DoT & 50% stronger cleave via DoTs

1 randomly grants some decent haste & also 40% stronger cleave via DoTs

Leaning more towards 3 as a PvP main, especially since Soul Rot is getting a much cooler and class fitting updated animation next patch :>

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I got nymue trinket in 1st week season and playing some time without s3 tier set, it was most annoying gameplay experience for few last addons at least, so if we get same trinkets in s4 the only good option is keep current tier


Season 3 tier bonuses for sure.

They never bothered to fix the bugs with the season 1 set and the season 2 bonuses are boring.

Really wish we could have had a mix and match, or just new set bonuses because Affliction’s bonuses are all meh. Then again, I hope they also redesign the spec for 11.0 because this design is complete garbage, too, just like it was in BFA, in SL, and in DF. DF is still far better than SL and SL was far better than BFA but, seriously blizzard, stop trying to shy away from DoTs because they’re too hard to balance.

That’s seriously stupid. Either delete the spec, then, or redesign it so it doesn’t have DoTs at all, buds. This half and half thing is very stupid design and makes you hated by both sides.

A mix n match of 2set and 4set where we could pick a 2set from any of the 3 seasons, and could even have an entirely different 4set from any of the 3 seasons would be cool but because Aff’s designs are all meh anyways, yep…

Like, let’s look at each season and go over them where they’re cool n not:

Season 1: tied to RNGesus of Agony ticks, yeah, no. Now if Agony ticks automatically increased your Haste by 2% per stack per tick and stacked up to 10 or 15 times in total where you could get 20-30% increased haste? We would love that.

Season 2: CDR on abilities is cool, but it’s meh because we have enough stuff going on already that you don’t need to be throwing more stuff at us plus all this set’s about is just VT/PS, that’s it. Meh.

Season 3: Forcing us into a talent row section in order to use the tier set is seriously lame, stupid and awful. We can’t have Haunted Soul row plus Dreadtouch row if we have to go SR row, which yet again it’s lame. Haunted Soul row is very cool for what the spec’s supposed to be designed around; DoT damage.

The only good thing about Season 3’s tier set is the fact that it extends the duration of all DoTs up by 2 seconds, going to 6 seconds. That’s it, otherwise it’s seriously stupid. Soul Rot’s cool to those who enjoy it, and lame to everyone else. Affliction has so many DoTs it doesn’t need more, that’s why each DoT’s damage is bad and low; there’s so many of them to juggle. It should have a few but very very powerful DoTs. Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction and Drain Soul should be your DoTs and the 3 main DoTs should be huge damage. Drain Soul should be having a choice of either boosting it’s own damage via how many DoTs are on the target (Withering Bolt) or there should be another talent there to make your DoTs tick faster and harder per DoT you have on the target while draining them (This was Malefic Grasp). MG gave you a very good feeling when playing the spec which made it fun to play. Adding more DoTs to the spec makes it miserable to play (IE see the Siphon Life vs no SL argument.) So yeah… stop putting 15 DoTs into the spec that do 10% damage and put a few DoTs that do 40% damage. It becomes super fun to play, then, and put a choice of filler types. (MG vs WB)


Season 1:

  • 2-Set - When Agony grants you a Soul Shard, you have a chance to gain Cruel Inspiration, increasing your haste by 12% for 6 sec.

  • 4-Set - Cruel Inspiration also grants 2 charges of Cruel Epiphany, up to 5 charges. Each charge of Cruel Epiphany increases the damage of your next Malefic Rapture or Seed of Corruption by 40%.

Season 2:

  • 2-Set - Vile Taint cooldown reduced by 5 seconds and Phantom Singularity cooldown reduced by 12 seconds. Vile Taint and Phantom Singularity damage increased by 60%.

  • 4-Set - Enemies damaged by Phantom Singularity gain Infirmity for its duration and enemies damaged by Vile Taint gain Infirmity for 10 seconds, increasing damage taken by 10%.

Season 3:

  • 2-Set - Soul Rot deals 15% increased damage and lasts an additional 4 sec.

  • 4-Set - Soul Rot causes your next 3 casts of Malefic Rapture within 12 sec to deal 50% increased damage and extend the duration of your Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, Unstable Affliction, Haunt, Vile Taint, and Phantom Singularity by 2 sec.


How do I see the sets and their bonuses?

Blizzard didnt include a master list so you can go to Wowhead

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The answer here is Season 3 clearly.
Regardless, we end up using Soul Rot pretty much all the time. So we may as well buff it and make it a more consistent, powerful CD.

Season 2 sucked because of the awkward VT → Agony combo that they never addressed, and Season 1 just doesnt get the excitement flowing.


1 has more potential to let you play other talents, where 3 does not.

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Please blizzard dont do that with us… 3 season begin a s… spec … do some buffs or new tier…

I sincerely hope Blizz takes this as a lesson opportunity to NEVER design tier set bonuses to force specs again in the future.

If a capstone talent is so bad that no one ever takes it, the answer is NOT to force players to take it by making tier set bonuses require it. Just fix the talent itself.

I’d much rather have a generalized set bonus or one that impacts a more core non-capstone talent so that players still have build flexibility and creativity agency. Being forced to take a capstone just because the highest iLevel tier set mandates it just feels horrible.


I mean, unlike Ret’s s3 where they’re forced to take a poodoo talent Expurgation, at least for PvP its poodoo, Soul Rot is actually must-have for Afflic anyway regardless of what content. It’s free insane AoE damage.

It’s 10% stronger than s1 4p, and just buffs the overall DoT damage and duration. And again, as a bonus Soul Rot animation is getting updated anyway to look more Warlock-ish rather than Druid-y lol. Really can’t roll the dice on that.

Can you guys just do a new 3rd spec for warlock? Affliction is my favorite spec in the game and I’m tired of waiting for it to be relevant. It’s been years…literally. Siphon life just feels bad to press, I was forced to play soul rot in SL, now forced again to play it in S3. The whole spec is just dated. At the very least, can you make it so we don’t have to refresh agony in between VTs, there’s nothing worse than having to tab-agony-tab-agony-tab-agony just for that last 6 seconds waiting for VT to be up again.


You play soul rot 100% of the time no matter the set bonus.

1 Is way better in pvp cuz agony gonna proc and give u damage increase periodically thru the game while s3 is based on soulrot and the dot extension is so small you wont even feel it

I’m fine with either 1 or 3 for season 4. I didn’t play warlock in season 1 so I didn’t get to experience the tier but it sure seems solid and I’d be down for it, but since I’m currently playing warlock this season, I’m also loving how current tier is designed and wouldn’t be opposed to keeping it for next season.

Affliction Needs a damage boost the 4 piece bonus is a joke it still hits way less the 1 chaos bolt. Affliction needs so love big time


Its way way way past time for a rework of Affliction.

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Voted for Season 1, personally.
I’ve been playing this spec at a CE level as my main since Sanctum, so I certainly understand that S3 is better. However, in general I don’t like tier that pigeonhole you into playing certain talents – even if we do take Soul Rot with S1 tier. For me, it just drains the creative possibilities of the spec, and that’s important to me as a player that tries to innovate. Haste amps are also fun.
I would of course hope the tuning of the tier set or the spec in general would be brought up to a level to compete with other classes, which I do have confidence in, unlike most of the comments here that seem to think Affliction is terrible even though they haven’t themselves even tried playing it at any kind of competitive level.

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