Assassination spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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Hopefully if you do a rework you won’t break stealth. I am having flashbacks of season 2 and beginning of season 3. Im scared.


please open this up for PVP vs PVE. s2 had a bugged 4p that made it impossible to restealth which made 4p unusable in PVP, s3 set is terrible in PVP because trying to double envenom rarely happens in PVP and the damage is mediocre when it does line up. s1 bonus is the only 4p assa has been able to use in PVP all expac


Voting S1 only cuz S2 4p bugged stealth by breaking it for no reason, which still sorta exists.


After thinking about it for a couple of hours, I decided to vote for the best one.


Since Assassin got nerfed before rework honeymoon phase even set in I vote we get S1-3 bonuses all in one 2/4 set bonus for S4. Thanks!


Too bad we can’t pick 1 2 set and 1 4 set from different seasons…


that would of made too much sense… this whole idea is lazy as f…


are you really expecting blizzard to put on the effort? that would be the good option, not the easy


Cap. You can either get a say in your tier, or you can get assigned one. You weren’t getting new tier for Season 4 regardless. Far better to ask the community than to hand out a random tier set. Negative mf


I want Season 2’s effect, but only if they can fix the stealth bug.

It would help if you provided the information in the poll as to what the various seasons’ set bonuses were.


Please let us mix and match. Season 2 2 piece and season 1 4 piece in pve.

Season 1 tier was really good before the nerfs… Oh when Assassination was viable…

“in PVP” no one cares about pve

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Bro, if you don’t vote for tier 2. you must be a pver. We should have different tier for different aspects of the game. this is so troll.

Season 2 … but fix the stealth issue

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Unfortunately, they aren’t going to bug fix previous content, just slap the content onto S4, that’s why I went with S3 Set

I want Season 2 if you can fix the bugs for PvP.

If not I want Season 1.

Ideally, it would be separate per mode.

PvP: 1 if no bug fix. 2 if bug can be fixed.
PvE: 1 or 3, dont really care.


Fix Subterfuge

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But isnt season 3 leading by a long way at the moment? Seems like all the PVErs are just taking over :frowning:

Season 1 4pc would have to be the most stable option we have for pvp out of all current options