Fury spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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As someone who played Keystone Hero all three seasons, my thoughts are that Season 1’s bonus was lackluster and Season 2’s bonus was toxic. Season 3’s is the most fun of all of them by a landslide.

Season 2’s mechanic turned Blood Thirst into a finisher, meaning it was a HUGE hit to Fury warrior self-sustain. You basically lost the personal healing from Blood Thirst since you could only hit that button once every minute or so. Season 1’s mechanic was so lackluster that I needed to look up what it even did. DEFINITELY Season 3.


Season 3 Tier set is so mind numbingly boring. Please bring back season 2, I would even take season 1 over Season 3


My vote is for Season 3, as it is has been by far the most flexible and engaging playstyle.

While it has been said that things would be retuned for the new Season, it also isn’t without notice that Season 3 is the strongest Fury has been in raid throughout Dragonflight, and it remains very competitive in Mythic+ as well - only beaten out by egregiously overperforming meta specs.

Truth of the matter though, is that S3 has the smoothest and most forgiving mechanics.

  • Season 1 is fundamentally flawed. The amount of damage Execute would need to do to become a priority button over the rotational mainstays is untenable. Even after dramatically buffing the set in Patch 10.0.5, it was still one of the weakest bonuses in the history of the game.

  • Season 2 is contentious - many people like it not because of the set itself, but because it used the Anger Management/Ravager build, which is a fan favorite in Mythic+. Unfortunately, the mechanics of the actual tier are lackluster and inflexible, revolving around a WeakAura to track a stacked up buff that has too many failure points to be reliable - one bad parry, boss phase, or tank taking a longer route results in your buff falling and the big payoff moment doing absolutely nothing. Not to mention having to align it with Spear of Bastion.

  • Season 3 is also somewhat contentious as some players simply dislike the idea of using Slam, but truth of the matter is that Slam is an extremely minor part of the rotation - used about 1/10th as much as Bloodthirst or Rampage. On the other hand, the build flows fairly smoothly, and while the damage is also centered into burst periods that can fail if you use Odyn’s Fury at an inopportune time, it isn’t a wholly one-time payout, but rather drawn out throughout the burst phase. Season 3 is also the most flexible in terms of talent choice, with the smallest gap between Spear of Bastion and Thunderous Roar (generally the biggest complaint from Fury players throughout S1-2).

Are you saying you want to stand in spear again? Because that’s whats gonna happen…


Some of the bigger issues people have with S3 is it feeling clunky, but another is frankly its AoE performance relative to other classes. Look-- Even in the strongest of situations, assuming Execute/Bloodthirst buff; the Bloodthirst buff from Odyn’s Fury would not overtake other classes


Holy BEEP let S3 die in a fire, why are so many tryhards voting for it?


This is so odd, because Fury is one of the strongest specs in M+ right now. The only mark against it is that it is not as strong as the meta classes, but that’s more indicative of the fact that they’re overpowered than Fury is underpowered.


I’m so happy that I can do +20s in a build with Odyn’s Fury instead of Ravager this season. I got KSH on my warrior this season and am having the most fun on my warrior that I’ve had since the introduction of Spear of Bastion. I screamed for joy when I saw a season 3 build without Spear of Bastion or Ravager on wowhead and/or icy veins. I want there to always be a viable option (up to +20 keys) without Ravager or Spear of Bastion. No weapons on the ground.


S3 fury’s the way to go in terms of gameplay, S1 is the first tier throwaway set which is never really good for any spec, S2 was a bore gameplay wise, and S3 at least has more ability use, since you’re using a different attack each GCD as opposed to spamming one button, better self sustain as Bloodthirst actually gets cast on cooldown more often than not.


Season 1’s set bonus felt non-existent to me.
Season 2 was bad. It felt clunky having to do bloodthrist just because of the set bonus. You could get away with not using it back in season 1 since Onslaught covered its purpose but better.
Season 3 I feel is the most different and unique beyond “spam raging blow”. Even if it basically replaced “raging blow” with “bloodthrist”.

So I voted season 3. My second choice would be season 1 if it was a ranked choice system.


Season 3 by far is way better than Season 1 and season 2. It quite honestly saved this spec in PVE and it’s middle of the back instead of at the bottom/struggling like in season’s before.

Voted Season 3.


I want to vote for 4 a new set this is honestly a stupid poll since people are just going to pick the one that did the best no matter what.

Season 3 is going to win because it’s a brain dead set bonus and does alot of damage but it’s so BORING gameplay wise with no real room to do any changes oh sure we can use spear or roar but thats it, we can’t use ravenger because we need to use odens fury which is on the other side.

Also the only reason fury is doing better is that arms got such a tera bad set bonus that they had no chance of even competeing with fury


This is mostly related too the amount of point crunch Fury warrior gets.

Heck we don’t even have beserker rage as baseline in majority of our talents given we need to do more damage or else we’re screwed.

Only difference in this tier and previous tier was literally spear and roar, last season ravager or annhilator. (Compared this season just full on Annhilator build no raging blow builds anymore.)

You wonder why we’re just waiting for same treatment blizzard gave arms in 10.0.5 in their rework while we sat here with out talents degrading more and more in meta talent builds with little variety/change.


You can use Ravager with Anger Management and Odyn’s Fury, and it’s actually quite an effective burst AoE playstyle that a lot of players used with 2p+2p before acquiring the full T31 set. The tradeoff is simply less single target in exchange for more AoE.

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I’m just saying , bring back Onslaught+ Anger Managment+ Ravenger. And above all else BRING BACK RAGING BLOW BUILD. Szn 2 was the best in my opinion. I sincerely hope that Szn 3 loses


Season 3 is soooooo boring and in relation to other classes gets gapped in higher content. Season 2 was best for Raid/M+ and most flexible for all content. Season 3 is going to win b/c ppl like pressing 2 buttons. This season fury is garbage and boring.


I don’t mind season 3, but season 2 felt smoother as it was more consistent damage and higher uptime on Recklessness, while season 3 is just bursty and feels terrible outside of Recklessness. Recklessness is such a big cooldown for fury, not having it up at any point feels extremely bad (even worse than not having avatar up imo). Plus having recklessness up means higher uptime on enrage. Season 3 enrage time isn’t bad, but there are awkward timings where I have a critical bloodbath, but my enrage time runs out and I have to wait 1.5 ~ 2 seconds to cast something that isn’t bloodbath to not waste the critical blood bath.

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Not really no. In fact Ravager does not instantly hit targets compared too Odyn’s fury and it has a soft cap on AOE than Odyn’s fury does. If you’re doing a big pull you don’t have dk mass gripping too ravager you’re screwed.

Season 3 is built around Odyn’s fury and bloodthirst critting for constant avatar/odyn’s fury which isn’t really hard when recklessness helps in this regard.

The sad thing is that season 3 is going to win because like i said it’s brain dead easy set so people are going to see instant results and go i like that set when in reality it’s mainly just padding.

Season 1 while decent was also a boring spec since it was mainly just a execute system and unless they buff the crap outta execute isn’t going to really amount to anything.

Season 2 was at least to me one of the best we have had in a long time in that it not only buffed out main rage dump ranpage but it also gave us a choice on either stacking our bloodthirst buffs for a sweet juicey buffed crit or just some nice constant buff damage in just using it after getting low on health for the nice healing.

Then you have season 3 which is just bloodthrist spam don’t even really need to think about anything you can just macro bloodthirst and ranpage together and if you are fast enough just hit the one button for most fights which is BORING.

Like i said i already know whats going to win and honestly if i was blizz i would be looking at just how braindead the set is and either change it or just make a new one because this is just unhealty because the moment the set goes away so many people are going to complain because their easy damage is now gone.