Holy Paladin spec bonuses

It generating HP would be SO cool. : (

For the same reason MW, Rdruid, Disc, Hpriest, and Rshaman have like almost twice the spot healing of Hpal, they messed up the tuning.

Buffing FoL and HL by 40% and not tuning WoG and HS properly is the reason why the S2 tier set is getting voted, because the spec currently is in need of decent frequent spot healing outside of CD windows.

If WoG and Holy shock actually moved bars, S3 would be the superior choice from a gameplay perspective, but since that is not the case with current tuning, there you have it

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You’re just out here dropping some truth bomb one liners. Those are indeed the questions.


That actually made me chuckle for a bit haha.

In a world where Holy prism/Light’s Hammer doesn’t require a tier set to be worth it and WoG actually does what its supposed to be doing, S3 set would be, hands down, the better choice. But we are not in that world sadly.

What makes you think there will be further balancing next season?

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Because they said so:

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That just says they are going to increase the power aka item level. The gear will be as strong as the others doesn’t mean they will tune or balance anything.

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No, it clearly says the power of the set bonuses.

No one would surely assume that without that sentence from Blizzard you’d be getting season 1 ilvl gear in season 4 and that sentence just means that it will be season 4 item level.

In a lot of cases, they had to nerf the previous season’s tier set so that people would play the new one. They literally have to retune the sets themselves - even if it’s minor. Anything short of retuning the sets would render this poll completely irrelevant.

This is very similar to what they did at the end of Shadowlands. Had a vendor with all the items in the prior raids with increased power but no balance changes. I’m just looking at the prior actions that were done and not trying to read into anything they are saying.

This last season is not a true tier and just recycled content that was already balanced.

While leveling and then while gearing up, it would incessantly p. me off that WoG had a mana cost attached to it. It’s beyond insane; on that note, I still get tilted when I glance at Avenging Crusader and sees it still costs HP (and MP LOOL,) so I have to go out of my way to NOT hit Judgement or Crusader Strike while ensuring I have 3 HP so I can pop it under normal circumstance.

Come to think of it, tfw I rarely ever actually hit Avenging Crusader but always always always use the Awakening Proc of it and love it. It’s tough for me to properly juggle the actual button of Avenging Crusader unless it’s a “I give up in the midst of this ‘oh crap moment’ and I need instantinstantinstant triage.”

It actually doesn’t. People feel like that because hpal was broken in season 2. Hpal got nerfed into the ground. The tier set sucks because holy power spenders are bad now, and holy power generation was a large part of the tier sets budget. Seasons 3 tier set contributes a huge amount of damage, which is much more impactful in M+, and we have more coverage through having a shorter Daybreak cooldown. It’s the best tier set we have had all expac.


You LITERALLY don’t have to take it.

I can literally use it every pull, sometimes twice depending on the pull size. It being available more often makes me cast it more because I’m less worried that I won’t have it when I need it, and it makes a bigger impact than season two’s lights prisim

Don’t get me wrong tho, I miss season 2 prisim also.

Give us both + a buff to holy shock!


A huge amount of damage for a spec that already underperforms in dps.

Timing a key barely depends on the healer dps anymore, and even if it literally did, Hpal would need way more (like 25-40% more honestly) than the tier set bonus currently does to make up for the missing damage in comparison to other top healer choices.

Its actually the other way around, because Hpal was nerfed unto the ground, we are in need of the S2 set bonus to actually provide decent spot healing on a short CD, since our spenders are worthless atm, and holy shocks heals for a very low amount.

A WoG is useless, but Holy prism hitting for 150k chained with a 120k WoG might actually do something to the health bars lmao

Would we also like to have S3 bonuses? Yes ofc. They are fun and good QoL, but the spec desperately needs help somewhere else due to those same nerfs


Daybreak/Toll going back to a min is gonna be painful


Good news, you still have Tyr’s, HoD, Aura Mastery, Divine toll on 45s if you want, Blessing of Spring and Wings.

It’s not the end of the world.


Voted seasons 3 it’s the best

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holy got reworked in s2 right? they were pretty op i dont know how much of that was the tier set and they got a lot of nerfs since then

It’s not, but that doesn’t make losing 15 secs off that combo suck less.


The tier set had nothing to do with how poweful was the rework.

But due to the nerfs holy shocks are currently numerically weak and the spec have mediocre spot healing. Holy prism was aour best spot healing back then but it was uneeded.

It is needed now though