Augmentation spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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Season 3 since they won’t let us have season 1, obviously.


Season 3 hype!

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Yeah I don’t know who in their right mind wants the boredom of s2 but knowing these forums, I’m sure I’ll be surprised.


No Season 1 set bonuses? A shame!


Yeah, the season 3 bonus is much, much better guys. Season 2 was just, well…it was a thing…

Season 3 all the way baby.


I checked and Season 1 Tech has a set bonus lol


I would love to see that lenghtening of Ebon Might permanent.
Anything to make the Buff last longer.


From a Rated Arena PvP Perspective, we’re screwed if we get stuck with Season 3 Set Bonus Again. It sucks because there is no representation for Augmentation in PvP, but TONS of representation in PvE.

Augmentation has VERY different priorities in PvP than PvE. In PvP we are haste stacking, teammate buffing, crowd control point guards, looking to find offensive pressure through small but frequent burst windows. In PvE we are just maintaining support buffs throughout the group, stacking mastery, and not very concerned with our personal damage at all.

Because of a lack of PvP representation, we are doomed to whatever set bonus performs best in PvE, which is FUNDAMENTALLY flawed Fissure Set Bonus.

I like the Set Bonus, just the duration is far too short in PvP and it hurts us badly (Fissures expire after 15 seconds, prescience has a 12 sec cd, we get a 3 second window to refresh or we lose the fissures from the last 2 Prescience GCDs.


If we get stuck with the dreadful Season 3 Tier Set for PvP as Augmentation, please consider the following below for a PvP only change (Probably wouldnt change much but be a quality of life boost in PvE as well as PvP)

- Extend the duration of the new Tier 4 Set Trembling Earth Buff from 15 seconds to 30 seconds in PvP. The major problem here is that Prescience has an 11-12 second cooldown, and the Fissures from the 4 set only last for 15 seconds. This creates a 3-4 second gap where refreshing prescience becomes #1 most important, or you lose all your damage from your previous prescience stacks. With the amount of crowd control (And Micro Crowd Control) in the game, this is very easy to CC off the Fissures buff (Whether intentional or not by the enemy player). Extending the duration of the Fissures 4 set buff to 25-30 seconds would help remedy this (Our rotation/setup would feel dramatically less button bloated), and would still encourage us to refresh Prescience for the crit buff.


How about extremely minimalistic set bonuses so that the set we spent 2 months farming isn’t replaced, 3 months after the last set was released, with something that makes us have to change our playstyle for another 3 months, then change it again 3 months after that. If your game hinges on gear replacements, then set bonuses like the ones you been putting out are basically borrowed power. And borrowed power sucks. Especially when it’s basically got like a 3-5 month timer on it.

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Where can i vote for season 1? (aka no augmentation evoker)


The reason why I want season 2 is because the item level going up will make the mainstat increase waaaay more value.

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People vote bombing the worse set to keep aug from being a viable dps. Well done blizzard.


Lol solid point, also was wondering how many “Augmentation Evokers” are here

You do realize these are all going to be rebalanced, correct? They’re not just going to give us a ton more main stat on gear and copy paste the old set bonus.

That, or we get another EM nerf, which we might anyways (but it would probably be bigger with season 2’s set bonus.

There’s also more inherent strength in being able to guarantee EM on all of the targets you want with the current tier without needing to focus on trying to proximity buff.

How do either of the sets keep us from being viable?

Season 2 just makes it mind numbing–not bad.

I feel like as a support spec. Positioning is fun when spells are give or take. The class scaling has the floor and ceiling inches away from eachother(min-max). I like seeing big number mainstat buff when I press EM rather than worrying about Prescience upkeep on 4 people. I like to have mini groups within raid to run with rather than sitting in the middle. And I feel like the mainstat increase would be better for M+ as a whole for all classes. Rather than mostly wanting classes that more benefit from Crit in all roles. For a PVP standpoint, the fissures seem to just stink. I also think Season 2 set is bland enough, they might even give us something a little extra instead of just mainstat increase if they do decide to rebalance.(I’m aware they say they will rebalance, but my PTSD from Shadowlands still has me worried) TLDR: Gimme that big EM and let me run around in my damage squad in PvE while still letting PvP players have fun too.

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This is not as viable or simple in mythic. Having 3-4 presc and then rolling that big EM continuously is far more dynamic, and at the same time less painful.

More power to you if you enjoy that, but I don’t think most people enjoy needing to stand directly on top of DPS to buff them, especially in difficult encounters.

I was under the impression that the fissures were the only decent thing about Aug in pvp. Besides needing a longer buff duration for them so it’s less easily cc’d, I don’t see how the previous season would be more powerful. I don’t pvp much to be fair, but that’s the vibe I’ve gotten from high ranking posters .

At any rate, obviously it’s subjective and people like what they like. I’m sure there will be vote bombing to mess with Aug anyhow cause this strategy of choosing is absolutely horrible.

Personally, I just hope dev gets s2 since it felt better in m+ and fated is a meme season to raid (unless they add something new over last fated season).

Season 2, because I think Prescience upkeeping on 4 people is not a fun mechanic for me.