Vengeance spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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A reminder that these bonuses are going to get rebalanced (i.e. S2 would proc off 20 souls again instead of 60) or so
Nigh infinite brand uptime seems more attractive than more sigils of flame


even if season 2 set was unnerfed, current tier dumpsters it in aoe while yt30 dumpsters current tier in st. ultimately vote between season 2 and 3 on your personal preference. both are good. dont vote season1

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Vote for Season 2 or you’re lame.


Fiery brand being up on most targets for like 75% of the time during a key/raid
Sigil of flame cooling down quicker and providing a crappy stamina buff?

You’re cooked if you think S3 trumps S2 bonus


Sigil of flame gives you a parry buff, not stamina

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Not from the tier set bonus that’s from a talent.

Also flat 40% damage reduction across incoming melee and spells vs 15% extra parry that only works on melee?


5d tetris enjoyers voting for s2 tier :person_gesturing_no:

More flame sigils = more other sigils

Season 3 vdh bonus is super chill


I highly doubt this is true with Firey Demise, especially with current talents. S2 is just better all around.


S3 is so cozy. Defensively it feels amazing having that extra parry all the time. I’ve really loved the sigil rework they did.

fiery demise is a big buff, but all the extra shattered souls that fuel spirit bomb is also a lot of damage (ignoring the healing, since the convo is about damage atm, i guess)

ya dont care, want to treat those mobs like they my b**** and cc the f*** out of them

Season 2 will be the best 1 especially w/ changes they did to VDH. Dunno w/ people think season 3 is better


S2 is the right choice.


Blizzard is going to be tuning these set bonuses so the T30 set will most likely not be as strong as it was in season 2. I don’t understand why we are voting for this now if we don’t even know what the final product is going to be.

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The season 2 tier was nerfed absurdly when they released the season 3 one. So if they don’t undo this nerf, the season 2 tier no longer works, go to 3 which is better, since we have no guarantee that they will undo the nerf .

They literally already said they’re going to retune the bonuses. You should be voting for the best design, not what has the best raw numbers at this immediate moment. In terms of how it affects the playstyle, S2 is the clear winner and is what everyone should pick.


We want what’s going to do be the best. This is how the game is played. No one is going into a +28 key and say “wow this tier set has some great gameplay”. We want what’s going to make our character strong.


If you think a small damage/healing bonus and minor Sigil of Flame CDR is stronger than infinite Fiery Brand uptime you’re cooked af.