(DF S4) Mogs/Set Bonus also.. please add sword

Go pick your tier set + mogs for S4 fellas

Blizzard you guys should also add every season’s elite weapons to the vendor including skins that weren’t used.

S4 Gladiator’s Greatsword:

Also… use this model for s4 conquest two handed sword :slight_smile:



they ignored the 700+ reply 6 gigamillion views thread, what makes you think they’ll do anything this time


Wishful thinking!


This is so lazy lol already remixed a glad mount.

Hey, that remixed gladiator mount is one of the bis (if not bis) mounts to date.

You be quiet over there!

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I hope the mogs are atleast a new color scheme

Wondering this too, would be neat.

Purple/Black S2 Warrior please.

Fixed that for you.

Need blue tabard


Do it Blizz.

I am pretty sure this sword will either be added as a BoE next expansion very low droprate, or to the trading post.

Unused weapon recolors usually end up there.

Unless they add it as a “le gold sink” for 5M gold or soemthing

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Do we know what the elite weapons for S4 look like yet? I know we don’t even know if we’re getting tier set recolors from the season we voted on or if it’ll be the same color from that season, however we do know what the Glad mount for S4 is so curious if I missed anything.

I really have no idea what they could do for elite weapons in S4 since every class is getting different seasons appearances. Id assume it could be recolors of S3 elite weapons as they are the most recent, but maybe new weapons in general?