Choose Your Own Gear in Dragonflight Season 4

Definitely just put them all updated on a vendor.
I don’t believe you considered how much of the community will be trolls on this Blizz, just so they can play the class they want as “meta”.


Seems like a good idea on paper, but ultimately a bad idea when you think about it. People will troll the worst tier set bonus.

It would be better to have a consul by the creation catalyst that allows players to actively change their tier set bonus for free. Or an on-use reusable item (like our helm enchant) and use the Anima Power interface to change which season for our set bonus.


This needs to be the overwhelming message. If they’re worried about vault just slot a token in the vault instead of the actual piece.


Yeah This! No pics, no links or info for set bonuses.


It would be nice if the polls showed what the bonuses were, I don’t remember every single tier bonus off the top of my head and I have to go look it up on WoWhead to figure out what bonus I’m voting for.


Any reason you don’t go down the Legion route and just let fun trump balance, i.e Raddon’s Cascading Eyes as a set bonus- the remaining cooldown on Eye Beam is reduced by 0.3 sec each time it hits an enemy.

As in no cd on eye beam when hitting 3 or more enemies!!! Why achieve a high water mark than tune down the game?

Interesting idea, problem is that some people love a certain set while others hate it and visa versa for other season sets. Its very different to be forced into a season set vs. losing a vote and having to reuse your least favorite.

I know it would be very difficult to tune previous expansion tiers but I think taking one of those or even making a very generic S4 one to test an interaction would be better.

This would also be good if balance wasnt the main goal of a for fun season (which it isnt) and to let people choose what they want. I would personally dislike S2 Ele set probably being the best but in a for fun season why would I care if I enjoyed S3 more and could choose it anyway?

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Seems super lazy, unmotivated and avoiding any issues going forward if it backfires because guess what - you voted for it.



I think voting is great, but PLEASE please PLEASE, make sure people can’t grief or down-vote other classes polls?

Last thing we want is a Boaty McBoatface scenario. :stuck_out_tongue: The forums themselves have proven how cruel some players can be towards one another.

let us pick our own pls

imagine all the dopamine hits blizz if we can farm ALL 3 sets, that’ll get the playtime numbers up, think of the investors


Post the images and set bonus please. Posting the polls and not including any of that info, or links to said info, is just lazy.


“try something new” X
“try something lazy” ✓


Please please please let us choose whatever tier bonuses we want to use on the fly in s4. I thought for the first time ever this was going to be the case opening this thread.

I don’t want to have to use what everyone else votes on. I wanna use any of the 3 existing sets for my characters to play around with and have fun.


Is there a good website where I can compare the set bonuses cuz I don’t remember any of them :skull:

Feel like this is going to be a bad idea for the reason of trolls will make a mess of this, as evident by the holy paladin votes currently given the one that’s being voted for the most is the worst bonus we had this expansion. Along with unless you plan to rebalance all specs around the bonuses that are chosen, again the season two holy paladin bonus that revolves around increasing our HP generation and output. Is pretty much useless given the current nerfed state of holy power, as we pretty much cast FoL over WoG or LoD now.

I think its simply better to allow us to vote for transmog options over our tier bonuses, as people have and already are messing with it in a negative manner.

That and streamers influencing polls as well. Or people trolling other classes they’ll never play.

This is such a lame idea. I want agency over my own class.


This idea genuinely sucks, some tier sets are frankly better than others and downright useless in some content. Please just let us use any tier set bonus as we wish in season 4.


Like what people are saying in this thread,

Can we just get vendors for all 3 tier sets and let us pick either one instead?


i like the idea behind this, but not a fan of the overall limit on just Dragonflight. Why not open it, say, the last 3 expacs of teir gear. BFA, SL, and DF. Whatever the set that is decided on I hope that it has a new coloration.

for the set bonuses, i understand limiting it to DF, but at the same time I’m not a fan of that move. why not go for like “The greatest hits” of the last 3-4 expacs for bonuses and choose from those.

maybe allow for us to mix and match the 2 set bonus and the 4 set bonus. so if we have to limit to just DF, why not allow for the season 1 two set and the season 3 four set.

all just examples, but whoever reads this will understand. Point being, if were going all in on this, lets got ALL IN and make this something crazy and super fun.


Now I gotta Google what all the previous sets looked like and their bonuses so I can vote. :dracthyr_lulmao:

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