Preservation spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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Worth mentioning that the s1 bonus was changed recently (with 10.2 i think) - it no longer increases reversion’s crit chance (and thus the amount it gets extended), it’s just a direct healing increase. It also does basically nothing outside of one specific build so it won’t really be fun for those of us who prefer other builds.

Edit: S1 tier also does nothing for mana sustain unlike the other two options so combine that with the recent mana nerfs and we’ll only have more issues


Edit: Hi, so since this is the second post in the thread I wanted to edit with the concerns I posted further down in the thread. For anyone not aware, the s1 bonus was changed after s2 launched, and there are sweeping reversion/mana changes coming on the PTR. IIRC we’re one of the only specs that had our tier changed after the fact, and the only spec that has these broad changes coming on the PTR. None of this is mentioned in the initial voting post. This should have been provided in the body of the poll post as well as more information about how much they’re willing to tweak the sets so that they’re more appealing to all playstyles. As it is now, if they put the current s1 set back in the game, it will be pretty much impotent and it means people who prefer blossom/green builds are SOL. Which is especially ridiculous because they’ve been funneling people towards green builds for the last 2 patches, so it’s what most people are comfortable with.

Blizzard has been radio silent with regards to pres concerns throughout the expansion, and this is just another example of it. This poll is extremely misleading without any kind of follow up information about potential balancing or tweaks. I just wanted to clarify this, and after putting a night’s worth of thought into this I strongly feel that given the way pres stuff has shifted since s1 and with the changes on the PTR, doing this poll instead of asking what an ideal tier set would be was extremely disingenuous on the part of Blizzard. Having said that I completely retracted/removed my vote, not that it matters.

And that’s my final 2 cents here.

I voted for season 1 but to be clear I’m referring to the old set bonuses that made reversion spec possible without having to solely be geared for crit and only crit. It still exists now, but you have to pretty heavily farm crit gear to be effective in raids.

Reversion spec/season 1 was some of the most fun I have ever had on a healing spec. Blossom and bloom build are so unfun for me by comparison that I was debating swapping healer mains in the next patch, and if either of those tier bonuses win I probably finally will.

I get that people think pres was OP with ‘unlimited hots’ but there’s a way to rebalance the tier so that reversion spec stays relevant and it’s not as overpowered, while also making it relevant for people who want to keep playing blossom spec. People don’t realize that the mana changes have made it so that TA is not as spam castable as it was before, which means it won’t be used as often as a filler spell like it was. It was the tier + an abundance of mana + TA that made the reversion build so over the line because you could just absent-mindedly fire off a TA as a filler and have it apply a bunch of echoes with no effort. Without it you’re really using echoes as your filler spell which, I assume, is the purpose of echo. There are a few evokers at the top of the pres charts on WL using reversion spec and TA doesn’t factor into it at all. Like looking at the top charts of the primary reversion spec evoker, TA wasn’t cast a single time, it was all echo management. If someone is putting in the work to do good healing like that, they should be able to do good healing.

Also what’s the plan for the legendary? I got mine 1 week before the dream patch launched and it was outpaced fairly quickly. Since it was such a pain to get, I’d like it to at least be relevant for a tier since I wasn’t able to use it before and we’ll be going back into Aberrus. Please do NOT do something troll-ey and have an ilvl upgrade item have a chance to drop off Sark to ‘make it fair’ for people who don’t have the legendary yet. Just up the drop rate on the gem overall and let people enjoy the fated raids as the victory lap they’re supposed to be.


I voted season 1 bonus because it was the most fun to play. Instant cast living flame felt great.


The old S1 set 2pc isn’t coming back. They’ve also capped reversion on the PTR to 6 extra ticks. S1 2 pc would have to be buffed pretty significantly to even have a shot of comparing to s2 or s3.


They also changed reversion so that it has a chance to proc essence burst, which didn’t exist in s1 and would change the playstyle in ways we don’t know yet. My expectation is that if they did go with the s1 tier set, they’d need to figure the numbers out, which is why I posted the caveat that my vote was for the previous iteration of the set. My vote was for playstyle over raw numbers. They say they’re open to rebalancing and while I normally don’t trust Blizzard at their word when it comes to balance, they’ve been pretty open to feedback this expansion.

They did this to themselves by essentially separating the bronze and green side of the trees, funneling people to one specific side, and then refusing to address how different the playstyles are throughout this expansion. There are people who enjoy green that will be disappointed if s1 wins because it focuses on bronze, and others will be disappointed if the tiers that favor green spec win out. This is their chance to pull it out in the last inning and make an iteration of the tier set that makes the most people happy.

edit: Also, and this is moreso directed towards blizzard in general, I’m just throwing out here that the fact that a lot of evokers reading this thread likely don’t even know that the t1 set was changed, because the change was done after aberrus came out, and that reversion was changed on the PTR which isn’t out yet at all, is why these kinds of community votes with no real safeguards tends to be a poor decision. Especially since that kind of -fairly important - qualifying information isn’t included in the initial post anywhere so people can make a fully informed decision. I want the season 1 set to win, but I also wonder how many people are voting for it because they assume it will be the original iteration of it.

So hint hint blizzard, instead of sticking to one single tier bonus, maybe actually tweak the one that wins to more broadly encompass multiple spec playstyles since a lot of people voting may not know about these after-the-fact changes.


After much debate, as much as I would love to have reversion build back; I ended up going with S2 tier bonus. My reasoning has a few points, this is my personal perspective as a Mythic Raider and how my guild healing works:

Season 1s tier succeeded a LOT because of the mana economy that was in that tier.

Prevoker’s damage output was greatly increased in S2 with the Bloom/Blossom builds. It felt really good as a builder/spender.

TA’s changes makes the reversion-focused build have a higher skill ceiling to pull off well, and could lead to an overall decline in the fun-quality.

Increase in Essence Bursts feels extremely fun for the class, I have my reservations with the way Reversion has been discouraged since S1 in that Blizzard will find it difficult balancing the playstyle with the healer changes that came in S2. Short of reverting some of the changes they made.

I guess we will see where it goes, I cannot imagine how Mythic Rashok is going to be if reversion is the meta again.


Yeah the more I think about it, the more concerned I’m getting that people are voting without knowledge of the tier changes as well as the upcoming reversion/mana changes. Given the S1 set wasn’t changed until most people were in S2, and few people would see the little blurb about the reversion/mana changes in the patch notes if they’re not specifically watching for pres evoker changes like a hawk. And the info isn’t provided in the main post. IDK if any other classes have had changes that affect their tier like that.

Especially since anyone logged into an account can vote in any of the polls if they want to.

C’mon Blizzard, why did you do this instead of like a mix and match of picking bonuses or something. Or at least having more information about how open to tweaking the sets you might be. This is grimrail all over again.

At this point it might be for the best if s2 wins, which sucks because I really, really, really, really prefer s1’s playstyle.

Also still wondering about the legendary, hoping they don’t stay radio silent on that.

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Anything but s2, Unlimited Blossoms Build was garbage.


Bite your tongue, it was Garbage playstyle, and no reason at all to play it again. S1 or S3 is far better. S3 would probably be the best option, as we won’t have to change anything.

The Hunter Legendary off of Sylvanas in SLs had an Item you could buy for a Dinar (the currency earned through fated and spend on Fated Vendors) to upgrade their bow. The Bow, during Fated Sanctum, dropped at Fated ilvl. so both the Evoker Legendary, and the new Str Axe has precedent.


lol, I totally and 100% agree with you. IDK why I dislike green builds so much. I think it’s maybe because I got used to and grew to love the reversion build so much but they seemed so determined to crush it into the ground. But at the same time the new bronze hero talents are really, REALLY good for the build so the mixed signals are throwing me.

I really hope you’re right with the legendary. Getting it a week before the next patch launched really made it feel like a sad consolation prize, lol. I’m still glad I got it but it was really like, “cool, awesome. months of work for like three weeks of payoff…yaaay…”

Yeah, I think I had mine like 3 weeks fore s3 started. so I know that feeling. still using it currently, as the proc gives in inflated ilvl of about 478, I think the Number crunchers in the Evoker Discord said. So still quite Viable, if you don’t have an ilvl 478 or higher weapon.

That wasn’t even the popular build for that tier


Cangrats yall voted for season one, the absolutely worst set! You are not getting the original teir set! Your getting the one they offerd you that you voted for!


Hooray, glad we get our worst tier set because not only does prevoker not play like season 1 anymore, its not even the original season 1 tier set we’ll be getting either, thanks for the meme vote double dipping prevoker into meme territory of a healer come season 4


Wild to me that season 3 isn’t higher, the spec feels amazing to play with the current tier


i voted for s3. i’m really enjoying this tier set. s1 is going to win and everyone’s going to be mad they voted without doing their homework.


OLD S1 > S3 > S2 > current S1
Guess S3 it is.


Why are people voting for the S1 tier set when it will be literal garbage? It’s not the same S1 tier set anymore. Do people not pay attention to what they are doing?


If we get the s1 tier set I might just end up holding my s3 tier pieces. With the changes they’ve made, that set just won’t really do anything.