Subtlety spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Para esta especialización, en la temporada 4, me gustarían las bonificaciones (actualizadas) de:

Para esta especialização na Série 4, quero os bônus (atualizados) da:

  • Season 1 / Temporada 1 / Série 1
  • Season 2 / Temporada 2 / Série 2
  • Season 3 / Temporada 3 / Série 3
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Nobody here?

pls revert the rework i need my combo point and energi and dance back pls

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Perhaps you just cant see them.

Fix Subterfuge its broke

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5 replies…are rogues the most unplayed class in retail or what???

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Always has been.

Welcome to the Rogue forums!

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3rd least played. followed by monk and least played is voker.


Yet people still never stop crying about them.


Sub rogues are naturally quiet.


theres really not much to discuss here with these sets. Numerically and tuning is irrelevant.

Its basically pick season 2 if you like some rotation changes and build variety, the rotten build. Or pick season 3 for something passive, and see how they re-tune for s4

More than likely. We still have bugs that are major problems and there’s almost no uproar about any of them, plus i hardly see them queuing into soloq too lol

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if they choose season 3, hopefully they rework the 4/4 set bonus for sub and change the haste nonsense.

If they choose season 2, i feel super bad for the assassin players because their stealth is back to breaking more with the nature ruptures more than likely.

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the votes for each spec are separate. 1 spec could be season 3, another could be season 2. Thats how they will design the class tier in season 4, with probably minimal rework

They probably do that on purpose to avoid stacking stats even further, there may also be some other reasons why numerically to smooth out interactions (under the hood stuff we don’t see) for balance concerns but I do hear you for sure. I would argue though that “some” haste is fine as that helps all 3 rogues energy economy based off our individual ways to generate (shadow techniques, fatal flourish especially with slice up and adrenaline rush etc). If Assassins multi dot and such (not sure on frequency of ticks and how well they are affected but probably yields “some” return due to venomous wounds surely as slightly faster ticks yield 7 energy quicker - (isn’t meant to be super good as a majority of energy economy is through active measures and talenting for a “complete package”.

  • Looking at it from a mature perspective here. not looking to argue at all.

Our current 4 set is solid, it’s a 10% amp and providing some combo points and having some reactionary game play is good. If things were guaranteed as the bonus then it would have to be weaker for balance concerns. Some rng is good and prevents things from being stagnant (and avoid overnerfing x class for y interactions) but too much is definitely a bit poopy. I do think there is an internal CD on the finisher interaction but you definitely can get a black powder / rupture / eviscerate to “sometimes” go one after another (+/-) few seconds in between and given the scenario as an example but I have definitely had a rupture go off right after eviscerate (cool and promotes reactionary gameplay which is nice.)

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How is it supposedly not working on your end? (asking genuinely , not making fun).

If this is a Night Elf / Kaldorei occurrence, shadowmeld is not stealth . Subterfuge is granted when breaking stealth given stealth was used.

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