NOTICE: Demon Hunter Sombra will be available outside of Virtual Ticket at a later date

I wish to point out to those that are concerned with the cost of the virtual ticket just to get the Demon Hunter Sombra skin, fear not as it has been discovered on this page:



At the bottom of this page there is a pinch bit of fine text that reads:

That being said, I still encourage you to purchase the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket if you are a hardcore Blizzard fan. Last year’s Virtual Ticket was amazing with the videos and documentaries and there is no better way to enjoy this celebration short of being there (which I will be there live for the first time this year). The virtual ticket also lets you get first dibs at new merchandise in the Blizzard Gear store, discount on the Goodie Bag (note that live attendees get the Goodie Bag with their live ticket), exclusive access to really cool panels and so much more.

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I hope this post gets some traction because these forums are going to burn themselves out from now useless arguments.


Which is why I created this post. Making a screenshot now.


That fixes the whole problem we were complaining about then. That’s all we wanted: a way to get the skin outside of buying a bunch of stuff we don’t want along with it. Thanks for letting us know.


I think it’s going to be part of a blizzard world 2.0 content drop, makes sense because it’s themed off of another blizzard game and it’ll be available in 2019.


I wonder if it’s gonna be behind a paywall or is it for BlizzWorld 2.0

The date checks out, early 2019


Wow, I initially read it in my head as,

“The in-game items for Overwatch, Starcraft II, and Starcraft: Remastered will be made available in 2019”.

Goes to show what a big difference a little reading comprehension can make. Thanks for this post, OP!


I’d say blizzard world 2.0 because of it’s theme and because of the early 2019 release date.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up, you know they’re gonna tie this behind some kind of Diablo challenge that you have to complete to get the skin, not to mention you need the game for that.


Maybe, maybe not. If anything, I have a feeling it may be a freebie drop to those who log in during the eligible time frame much like the Kerrigan StarCraft 20th Anniversary drop last March.


So the people who paid just for the skin essentially bought into an early access and not an exclusive?


It might go into the shop like stuff from World of Warcraft Deluxe editions (Mounts etc). You can buy it for like 10 or 15$ after some time.

Was this part added-in latter or it was there from the beggining?

One can hope that this egg-on-the-face moment for so many around these parts will serve as a cautionary tale in regards to jumping to conclusions.


This article was posted before the live stream and before the in-game leak was discovered today if that was what you are asking.

Correction: Apparently the article was posted during the live stream.

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Hopefully we get an official statement on this from the team. It would be sweet if the skin was purchasable for less than $65 CAD (I’m assuming $50 USD) at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

This skin makes the 200 OWL Tokens All Access Skins seem like bargain basement, currently :rofl:


Oh yeah, i forgot this was initially a “leak” and it’s only now that is official. Makes sense.

Good, hopefully that is how they do all such things :open_mouth:

I’d say it’s their own fault because they didn’t read the fine print or in this case the thick white words at the bottom.

Quite sure you can refund in a certain time frame after you bought it