Blizzard, please honor your word

The Demon Hunter Sombra skin was supposed to be made available this year. On the PTR, its cost was recently set to 1000 credits. Then it was removed entirely and classified as a legacy skin.

If we have to wait longer, could you please announce those further details now?


this year is still ongoing, so…

Which is why I said this:

They have NOT dishonored their word … yet.

They never said exactly when in 2019 will the items unlock.

They never said how it would be made available. It could be an achievement skins, an incentive for purchasing something, who knows?

If and when it’s the last day of 2019 and Demon Hunter Sombra is still unavailable, I’ll start to worry.

Blizzard - “You have a phone don’t you”…

I’m being incredibly optimistic here when I say I think they will make it available again. Don’t know how, and I don’t think they do either. But I think it will happen. As it’s been mentioned before, the year isn’t over yet.

I think most people assumed it would be available by now because of the availability of seasonal cosmetics during the anniversary event.

It will be nothing but anger from the community and bad press if they go back on something they said in this way.

Blizzard as a company is incredibly inconsistent.

A mount in WoW that was released as part of a paid promotion in October 2018 was limited and said it would be released for players some time in 2019. It was made available last month for everyone.

A Sombra skin released round the same time was given the same estimate (some time in 2019) yet is still not available.

I understand that Overwatch and WoW are two different games, but one would assume a company would have the same practices for promotions and not just randomly pick and choose when.

Did they ever say they would release the items at the same time?


Also the Blizz Devs said this not the OW Devs btw. They might not have even cleared this statement directly with them because it refers to multiple games