Don't buy league skins!

Who the … cares… It’s just … skins… No one is special with them…

Hasn’t it always been that way?
If you watch, you can earn free tokens to buy the skins…

Lol, I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

This sounds like bait, tbh

Lol, you didn’t have to spend any money. You chose to, lol

Poor guy wants to feel special because he owns a skin, news flash dude you aren’t special because you have a limited time skin lol.

I didn’t know u could even buy the grey ones…Unless ur talking Shock, which I highly doubt it. Whatever, some skins are meant to be rare, some not so much, like Pre-Purchase Widowmaker skin is meant to be rare af, not so much as for something a lot of people might argue is bland, like these grey OWL skins (Others, not me, I think they are alright skins). + this isn’t exactly free. U have to watch some hours of OWL, then they give it to u in-game. And u have to be logged in to recieve rewards. Somewhat similar to OWL tokens, but put into a special skin if u watch OWL at a very specific timing. (Tournament days)

yes I chose to get a unique skin for my character, I didnt know I am going to be backstabbed

No, no this can’t be said for Demon Hunter Sombra. That skin LITERALLY said on the purchase page for it that it would be made available in game later that year. Blizzard TOLD you on the page where you buy it.

It really was not that small nor was it hard to read. And who doesn’t read up on something before they blow $50?

It’s not really free. And there’s a lot of players who don’t know how to watch correctly, pair account, etc.

I’m not really sure how you can say you’ve been backstabbed, since you’ve always been able to earn tokens by watching.

No, that’s a lie.
There was notification that it would be available latter when you could purchase the tickets.

Get this. Some people might have actually wanted to watch it! Shocking, I know!

What’s wrong with caring about skins?

Seek help.

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It is free. You can get it without paying.

No offense, but when you BOUGHT it, that’s a you problem. I say this even to the people who purchased the BlizzCon ticket just to get a Sombra skin.

If you wanna know true anger, try being someone (don’t know if you are) that played HotS, a terribly boring Blizzard LoL rip off just to get the Genji and D.Va skins only for them to be put into loot boxes. Legit wasted tens of hours getting those only for Blizzard to be like “hahaha we hate exclusives”

I had everything unlocked (at the time ofc) by level 200. It really depends on the RNG. I know people that still don’t even have a legendary skin for certain heroes at level 500+

Whoever doesn’t read deserves nothing…

Or will people complain the credit they took is false adv. Due to theyr reading incapabilities?
They read it as take 10k for free and didn’t read, you pay back double!

No, you don’t. That’s impossible.

lmao you are shaking over a skin? that’s sad lol

If you want rarity buy blizzcon skins. Instead of crying over a recolor of a existing skin that few people had for years.
just a game man :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

Like i legit ask myself why someone would care so much over pixels on a game , instead of something they did in real life. it’s weird.
At least if it was a legendary i could maybe understand.

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Yup I had a bastion skin because it never dropped and i’m already lv 540

Rolled low on luck stat when being born.

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same lol

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