Limited skins should be available yearly for sale, as well as

Honestly I’m not sure what BA is doing right now, their stock has bottomed out according to analysts but I haven’t lost much since I bough my shares around the same figure it is today. Its currently considered a stock to buy and theres obvious hopes that the new COD will bump up the stock again.

When it was announced that Blizzard has multiple games in production, that was a comment made more for investors then gamers. Its funny because you mention integrity but one thing I’ve learned about trading is companies use a lot of manipulation to create reassurance for their shareholders.

Game company stock survives on product releases (good stock goes up with positive sale numbers, bad it goes down, pretty simply) or sustained popularity (although this has never happened before until fortnite)

I bought the Blizz stock because i thought why not when it crashed, I only bought 50 shares so thats nothing for serious investors but obviously I’m hoping to see it rise and not fall below $40 mark. For me COD is going to be a big break or make it moment for the stock/aka sell or stay my hand.

Honestly when money becomes involved integrity means only the strength of the companies ability to generate revenue and not cost an investor his…investment.

But again I just do it on the side, a trade costs me $9 and its better then putting my money in savings accounts that only earn me .002% interest. honestly its much like playing a game.

Per the question asked elsewhere share holders basically get the same info that the public can access per sales numbers, ect based on what the company announces during calls. Really depends on what the company decides to release and how they want to frame it.

Game companies esp. EA have a habit of manipulating their investors by simply talking about sale expectations and performance metrics based on ratios. So when they talk numbers they are actually talking about ratios based on profitability ratios, debt ratios or specific to game releases as I like to think of them - efficiency ratios although I’m using the term a slight different. The Sims 4 would be a good example of a product that was managed under an efficiency ratio in my terms and shown to have improved significantly since its release as widely profitable now.

Frankly, absolutely none of that matters at all to the thread at hand. I don’t care how much you spent per stock, but your goal should be to make money. You don’t do that by intentionally trying to break the trust the customers have with a business you have a stake in. :woman_shrugging:

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really? you have a link

Unfortunately not, it was something I stumbled across on the forums not long ago. But on that thread multiple people stated that there was some text on the bottom of the promotion page or whatever about blizzcon and the Sombra skin that stated something like it was going to be available at some future time in 2019.

The thread was a complaint about it being halfway into 2019 and the skin not being out yet so who knows.

Then you should definitely try it again.

Try using web tickets this time:



Sure, let’s take away the time limit on time-limited skins. We could call them… “skins”.

Removing the limit removes the incentive. That’s why Blizzard do it in the first place.

Don’t be ridiculous. You’re not an investor, you’re a consumer. You have no money tied into the game that you could lose or turn a profit with.

As said above, they’re not “limiting potential avenues of profit”, they use limited skins to increase profit by incentivising people to play the game.

These are the absolute basics of business and no amount of reframing the situation is going to change Blizzard’s standpoint on this.


I really hope they do more limited time skins
They are just worlds better than the usually skins the game gets added. :sweat_smile:

Especially if the limited time skin has some special effects or sounds tied to the skin.

Personal opinion:

They where always worth the money (well as lobg as they stay limited time) otherwise i wouldn’t had to buy one of them during a bad financial phase of myself.
Still i managed to spend the money and get my rewards.

I can’t believe how many people are asking for limited things to be brought back on the account that it’s not really limited (as it’s a virtual item)

Blizzard knows they could bring it back. But then what is the point of having it limited? Like ever? Do you know how many limited items there are in other games?

I play Smite and I cannot count the amount of skins that I will never get in my lifetime because I didn’t buy it in time then, and I understand and couldn’t care less.

Like you said, it’s a virtual item. You don’t need it and there’s no point in ever selling it as limited if they intend on bringing it back. That’s called false advertising and it’s not good for them at all.


Yup, bringing them back would be illegal imho. :sweat_smile:

It was known that it was going to become available before jumping through hoops.

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For both Genji and DVa. ^^^

And the skins would still be limited, limited to be purchased at a certain time, and not available from loot boxes, That itself is limited.

Im fine with that, IF its written next to the skin.
Like: only obtainable during the all star event, Halloween event, etc.

At the very first reveal/release

That would be great, if they actually followed that text.
Like with the Sombra skin, The text said it would be available in loot boxes in 2019… Still hasnt happened, and people think its not going to.

No, it said it would be available in 2019. Didn’t say anything about loot boxes, and there are still 6 months left


“Still hasnt happened, and people think its not going to.”

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Can you please quote me that text?
Because from what I remember it said:
*The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019—further details will be announced at a later date.*

It says that it will be available but it doesn’t say how.
Certainly nothing about loot boxes.
Did you see something I did not?
If so, can you please link it?

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Quoting the last part of what you said doesn’t negate what you said earlier.

I guess what I don’t understand is that if I come to a game late, I will expect that there will be things I’ve missed out on. I can’t think of a single game of this type where they don’t have event/time limited exclusives. Some come back, some don’t, and that’s just part and parcel for these kinds of games.