Overwatch might be EA’s stepchild!

I don’t think that Overwatch is Electronic Arts’ anything.

How dare Blizzard try to make money on purely cosmetic items to fund the development of completely free updates for their game. I mean seriously Blizzard. How f’ing dare you.


even if it wasn’t releasing next year via some other avenue (I’m going to bet on buying D4 really… ) they still have released literally hundreds of pieces of other content for absolutely free that people consume and enjoy.
But they charge for one or two things and “OMG EVIL EMPIRE LIKE EA!”
grow up and get a job. Once you have some funds to throw around you’ll find out that even 50 bucks for something mildly entertaining you can enjoy for a couple weeks or more is really not all that much, especially since it was NOT 50 BUCKS FOR A SKIN… it was an entire package of stuff.

That’s their fault if they’re only buying it for the skin.

People routinely pay $8-10 for a movie ticket and then sometimes another $10 on food and drinks to watch a movie for 2 hours, and then complain about the price of a video game they have 1000 hours in. It sometimes baffles me.


Next time everyone should read the fine print or in this case the thick white print on the website that sells the ticket before they riot on the forums😂

But then I don’t get to post my indignant outrageeeeeee


Hasnt Overwatch had exclusive Blizzcon skins since year 1? How is it different this time?

10 dollars for food AND drinks at the movies? … I wish… damn near 20 bucks now.

I know exactly what you mean. Video games are probably the largest enjoyment time to cost ratio entertainment people engage in… yet they’ll pony up 200 bucks for an express day pass at some theme park, or drop 120 on a night of drinking that they WON’T EVEN REMEMBER.

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Story of my life.

I do enjoy watching people freak out over something like a skin cost tho. That’s good free entertainment.

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I know! we even got forum arguments for free! score.

EA has a tonne of p2w aspects though.
OW doesn’t.

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The Winston and Bastion skins are specific recolors of the default skins with a blizcon logo. This skin is a legendary themed skin and the rest of the skins from the Diablo theme released up to this point are normal lootbox skins that you can unlock at any time.

:laughing: I must be really out of touch. Can’t remember the last time I purchased anything at a movie theater for that reason. I guess I need to check the price next time I’m there…

Because the skin isn’t exclusive. Looks like the EA in the title stands for Early Access

Don’t attempt that. They charge a full game price for a game that is only multiplasyer, and encourage smurfing. They actively encourage the purchase of loot boxes. They are making plenty of money.

Whale all you want, but lose this nonsense

Here it is. Our salvation.

Full game price is $60. This game is $40, often on sale for as low as $20.

No they do not. They actively discourage smurfing and have explicitly spoken out against it in the past. They don’t, however, mind people buying alternate accounts, which is not the same thing. Also regardless of their encouragement, it’s up to the person purchasing the game as to whether they want to buy another copy. Nobody is forcing them to do so.

And all that content can be obtained by playing the game too. Nothing forces you to buy any of it.

Business 101: Maximize profits by selling more products. Use that money to make even more products or improve existing ones. If you have something to sell and there is demand for that product at the price you pay, it is not wrong to do it.

All of those completely optional purchases of cosmetics and loot boxes fund the free development of the game for everyone else.

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Yes yes, as I said, whale it up

imagine complaining about a skin u can get for free in few months.

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