Hero 30 isnt echo

You must consult the mystical entity known as the great Go’oglé


what Blizzcon skins ?

Probably demon hunter sombra or something? I’m not sure either

Sombra’s, bastions, and winstons, thats why people thought we were gonna have another cosmetic update with crossover skins, sombra’s demon hunter from Diablo, wouldve fit the theme since they said it will be available in the base game in early 2019

if you have the source I’m down for it

it was awhile back but if you read it it does say it would be available in 2019

It also only specifies Demon Hunter Sombra would be available this year, nothing about Bastion or Winston

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I’m sorry, but what in god’s Name gave you the idea Soldier is a woman?

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yeah but if I’m not mistaken that means you will be able to buy it again, not with the virtual ticket

I’m pretty sure it was literally at Blizzcon on stage, just after they aired Reunion.

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ALMOST correct on stage he said she is not quite ready yet and in a stream on the same day he later said she is not hero 30.

Yes. It pretty clearly is Mama Hong.

I’m fine with that, as long as they’re fun it’s all good.

Half this thread is confused on the origin of the “Hero 30 ain’t Echo, where Jeff say 'dis??” and the other half is critiquing the guy’s joke.

I love the forums!

No offense but Jeff said that there wont be Deathmatch mode in OW and that the reworks are the last resort (then reworked Sym into 3.0 without any balance changes in months).

I mean, yes, from this teaser its crystal clear that we dont get Echo, but listening to what Jeff says is often ends up being the opposite of what he said.

Jeff told echo is not going to be hero 30… Do you live under a rock? He said that when the animated short of McChicken and Ashe was published…

we have known this since blizzcon

For all those who said that jeff already said it at blizzcon, open your ears…he said they need to do more work on echo…HE NEVER SAID HERO 30 WASN’T ECHO, there is a huge difference

He actually did say that, citing: “Now, to set people’s expectations, cuz I know immediately what they’re thinking is like “Well, hero 30’s gonna be Echo”… We have big plans for her, but Echo IS NOT hero 30” You can find the Twitch clip from it quite easily if you google it, he speaks to Fran about it.

Also, they never said the Sombra Blizzcon will be available in early 2019, they just said “2019” and the year has just started… Read your sources more carefully. :slight_smile:

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YES HE DID after the Ashe reveal in a stream after he said ECHO WILL NOT BE HERO 30!

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