Will the blizzcon 2019 skins come back?

No, they won’t. The Sombra one said it would be returning in 2019, this years did not


Hopefully not just like they said it won’t come back.

I’ve spend money on them. :sweat_smile:

And i mean after 3-4 years i hope ppl get the hint, that the limited items do NOT return.

Noo also not for a 5year special.


That was Tyrande Symmetra, and the only reason Sombra made a return was because Blizzard said it would. 2017 Winston and 2016 Bastion didn’t return, and I haven’t heard nor read mention of the 2019’s being reissued at anytime. People always point to the Sombra as precedent of “Skins returning” but fail to remember that Blizzard said it would return at a future date.


The best part is, we all know it already.

Next limited time item ends…
1 day later: forums flooded with: when does it return posts. :sweat_smile:

As others have said, sombra had a disclaimer saying it would return at a later date and be available through different means. This years does not… however it is still available and cheaper:

Approximately 40 US dollars. Perhaps you have some christmas money to spend?

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I’m still mad about the 2018 All-Star skins… didn’t know at the time they wouldn’t ever return. I could have assumed but at the same time I had spent all my free tokens on OWL team skins.

The only skins I don’t own and can never get are Blizzcon Bastion and those 2018 All Star skins (Tracer/Genji). I COULD spend $500 for Bastion’s but that’d be dumb.


Can’t you still buy the blizzcon ticket right now?

edit: yes you can, and it’s even on sale rn lol.


I didn’t bought genji…
Now theres a gap missing, like bastion blizzcon (which i really like)
Thats why i saved more tokens the following years.

But i’m also buying tokens, if i really want one of the skins.
Mercy and lucio, as i don’t play them, like genji wouldn’t hurt me missing out, but as I was aware this time, i’ve collected enough tokens.

I mean its ok to be sad, everyone missed something somewhere.
But i do think the limited time items do have a good potential. (look at pink mercy as example)

And yes blizzcon tickets are still sold as mentioned.
i think till somewhere january… Not sure tbh.

I’m still waiting for 2018 all stars :joy:

I bet they’ll return it’ll just be a few years most likely :upside_down_face:

But patience is important :slightly_smiling_face:

Always remember positivity is :key:
:ribbon: :reminder_ribbon: :ribbon:

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I’m ok without the skins :ok:
Something about the green hair on Sym was really ugly to me. I like her other skins more

They wont
It would make no sens for the to return.
Just how the Mercy skins wont come back.

If they bring back one exclusive cosmetic item they better make all the other exclusive cosmetics available too to make it fair.

But that defeats the purpose of exclusive skins. So they probably will never do this.

They’ve never made any of the Blizzcon Murky pets available at a later date in WoW the past 10+ years so I don’t see why the Overwatch Blizzcon skins would be the only exception.

As Krotoan pointed out the BlizzCon virtual ticket is still available and now only $40. I strongly recommend picking up the ticket if you really want these two Overwatch skins, as it is very likely these two skins will never be made available in a different promotion again. I expect a virtual ticket to get pulled from the shop by the start of the new year.

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They gave us the sombra one from 2018. So I assume in 2020 we will.

No, we won’t. This is because with Demon Hunter Sombra there was a specific term and condition in a BlizzCon blog post that specific skin would return and they fulfilled that promise by giving everyone the chance to get the skin in the 2019 Halloween Terror event Week 3 challenge. However there has been no such term of condition listed anywhere for the 2019 skins.

While no one from Blizzard has directly told me, I am very much under the impression they are not going to get into that mess again. If you want these two skins, get this years BlizzCon Virtual Ticket now before it is too late.

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Nope. You gotta cough up 50$ or no skins sadly

$40 (its on sale from $60). Remember there are a variety of bonus for all Blizzard games and full access to BlizzCon panels.

It was 50 when I bought it . But to the OP I bought it just for the skins and am glad I did and cannot believe it’s still up this long , please buy if you want and don’t complain if you do not

unfortunately 40 usd is 170 ron (currency in my country) it’s not like it’s that much but since im still a minor and living with my parents i can’t afford it. I didn’t know that the sombra skin was announced to be coming back. Thanks for the info though!