They cant be serious with the Sombra skin

Time limits are stupid with seasonal content. They’re also stupid with content that can only be acquired from an event that happens once (preorder content and retailer-specific content). I don’t know if Blizzcon tickets get you access to the previous years’ content, but if not, then I hate the Blizzcon gating a bit more.
Exclusivity is such a cheap and easy way to manipulate people into getting something. I won’t be surprised if the “just deal with it” crowd would change their minds when there’s suddenly an exclusive item that they actually want.

You do know it is a bad tactic when players are glad that their mains don’t get featured in Blizzcon ticket –

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I don’t think this feels good at all - it’s an amazing skin and should be enjoyed by the larger playerbase, not just those who feel like paying 40$. I was kinda okay with the Pink Mercy because it was cheaper and at least went to charity, but I’m not a fan of this. They do as they please of course, but I doubt it will earn them any brownie points.

The point is this isn’t an “issue”. There’s no white knighting at all with what they said.

To me this just looks lazy. Instead of making a Blizzard themed skin like before, they have just grabbed one of the Halloween skins for ticket promo and called it a day.


Ahem x2.
This is a Blizzard-themed skin.

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no one is forcing you to buy it. it’s a comsetic item. the blizzcon ticket isn’t just one singular legendary skin.

why are ya’ll complaining about paid cosmetics??? WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING

^WoW Community Manager (redacted) confirmed in a Blue Post a couple days back that Activision is NOT a part of Blizzard.*

**Activision does not affect the team’s decisions.

Activision can’t touch Blizzard Products.**

Activision Blizzard IS Blizzard granting Activision the ability to put Non-Blizzard (specifically Activision) games and game-ads on the Blizzard Launcher such as Destiny 2 and that other game.

To me this just looks lazy. Instead of making a Blizzard themed skin like before, they have just grabbed one of the Halloween skins for ticket promo and called it a day.

I woudl say it was probably the continuation of the blizzardworld skins.

I can understand the ones who are mad, maybe someone that really likes/wants that skin can’t afford to go to blizzcon so effectivly the skin costs 40$ for them.

And you know this how exactly??

Just my thinking after several/dozens of negative experiences since launch with Blizz.

Iam not saying it like a fact, its not proven.

Notice anything out of place? Perhaps a BlizzCon logo or a different color scheme. This skin wasn’t made for BlizzCon it was tacked on last minute because they probably forgot to make another recolored BlizzCon skin.

Its based on another Blizzard game this year Diablo . . .
Other blizzard games got other blizzard stuff as thier skins and mounts . . .

ugh if you can’t get it don’t sweat it, it’s just a skin, you’ll live

Blizzard please I want to get Halloween lootboxes (if you make it good) don’t do this to me

What Blizzard should do is this.

Step 1. Sell Blizz con tickets.
Step 2. Hold Blizz con.
Step 3. At the end of Blizz con, like the very last moment, hand out the reward for everyone who attended both in person and virtually.
Step 4. Watch the utter melt down when someone sees a skin in the game that they can no longer access because Blizz con is already over.

They give out a skin for blizz-con ticket holders every year, just cause they’re giving out a legendary doesn’t make them greedy, it’s them saying “thank you for coming!” Plus all those other skins, you don’t have to get them, its a cosmetic it’s not changing the game in a substancial way, it’s literally just skins and emotes, plus it will come out to everyone in 2019 anyway. They practically give everyone everything for free like new heroes, events, etc. that when they do make something cost money people lose it, it’s genuinely rude and frustrating