Re release exclusive skins (limited time)?

Many have claimed that, but I haven’t seen an official statement of it prior to the Halloween event they did release it on.

Personally that doesn’t bother me. I wish they would release the other game themed skins as well to be honest. There is no reason not to.

The only other oddball skin is the 20th anniversary Starcraft skin for Widowmaker. The only way to have gotten it, was to have simply logged into Overwatch during the anniversary event.

I feel they should still make it able to be claimed, simply by allowing people to download and play SCII for an hour, or a portion of the story quest, or trying a battle mode. Get them to play the game a tad, and get a free Widowmaker skin. Win win.

Keep in mind, I have all these skins that I’m talking about, so its not like I’m advocating for myself to get them, I just think they need to be shared better for everyone. There are a few exceptions obviously, but that happens.

Oh I see. Well, I don’t mind if it doesn’t come back if it was stated it was never gonna come back for sure, I still don’t understand. What’s the point though… The whole point of gate keeping is FOMO for Blizzard to earn money, but I don’t see why people have to see it as a whole “I have it and you don’t.” It’s not like I would look at you if you have a skin I’m desperately longing for and pray to you like a god. I would just feel annoyed if you were to rub it in my face because you’re acting like a child not wanting to share toys. I’ll be really honest and I’m probably biased, but I just want Atlantic and Pink even though I don’t mind if Pink never returns. It’s for charity and shouldn’t be objectified as an identity for my game persona or otherwise.

I just saw your edit so I’m gonna make a new reply because it’s irrelevant to what I said before. I’m happy we’re on the same page. I was here for the 2020 all stars and I really like dva but I know others do too, and I would like others to be able to have it as well.

Totally. Here is something I made a while back featuring the Atlantic/Pacific skins:

Since another topic where I commented on has been 404’d I will restate my thoughts here…

I have said it before, anyone who thinks they are entitled to a skin they obtained and never be seen again is selfish… period. The only two skins in Overwatch that would not make as much sense to release again would be the Noire Widowmaker skin (because it was a reward for pre-ordering) and Pink Mercy (because it was for charity), even then I would not object for future opportunities for those skins. The one skin that is likely to never be re-released is the Alien Zarya skin (for obvious reasons).

So please, don’t obsess over pixels, just enjoy them.


Yes, that is correct, I have a very old topic that carefully documented on this:

I think so too. People are obsessed with wanting to feel special at the cost of other people’s fulfillment.

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Yeah, I was just looking for that earlier, guess it got deleted.

I have to say I agree with you, with the exception of the two Blizzcon specific skins that were released for those Blizzcons, marked with the Blizzcon logos etc. They should probably remain as is, but the other Blizzcon skins should get added at some point. I even suggested ways to redo the challenge ones.

Ah ok.

I was under the impression the sym Tyrande skin was a one time thing?
I would be surprised if that came back

Well here’s the thing:

Its a WoW themed skin.

The year or two before that one, was the Sombra Diablo 3 themed skin (Demon Hunter).

If they are willing to release that one, why not the other game related skins? That is where I’m coming from. And having gotten perks every Blizzcon for the last several years, (including Goody bags of real items) I don’t mind sharing most of these skins. But I can’t see them unlocking the 10th anniversary Blizzcon skin (Bastion) for example, and the Winston one was also colored the same as Bastion and labeled Blizzcon. So unless its part of another event, it would kinda ruin the idea of getting perks when buying into Blizzcon in the first place.

If it were about being selfish, then what do people do about the real world items that come in a goody bag? Do we stomp our feet and ask for those as well? Where does this end?

Just saying.

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The only skins i think should 100% stay limited are Pink, the blizzcon skins and Noire.

how does this ‘skrew’ the people who got them the first time? How is your life in any way shape or form worse because some other people can now buy these skins themselves for while. I’ve had most the skins they’ve rerun and I don’t feel any different.

the only thing I can think of is if you’re an account seller and the value of the accounts you’re selling just plummeted.

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I doubt the OW team would bring any of the WoW skins into focus in the foreseeable future.

which 2? I assumed all of them but sombra were a one time thing

Selfish TF? Blizzard put out a product with tags like “exclusive” and “limited time only.” The audacity for telling someone that they are selfish solely for purchasing a product for the reasons in the product description. Re releasing exclusive skins so that you can make a quick buck and that people can have whatever they deem fair. Truly the company has gone to the dogs in many ways. Just give me my money back and take your skins.

Your lack of any possible comprehension as to why some people might be upset that they didn’t get what was advertised to them borders on hilarity. We put in extra effort to get these skins originally to support Overwatch and Overwatch League before it grew and became popular. And now the skins are up for grabs for anyone despite having the word “exclusive” tagged in. Imagine being a vanity collector IRL and purchasing an item from a fledgling business that they were only offering for a limited time to support that business. Now imagine that business growing and pumping out that item for everyone that wants what you have. That’s what’s really happened here. The Overwatch League has grown and added many teams. They ARE going back on their word because that’s words like “exclusive” and “limited time only” have always carried in connotation and literally historically.

I’m done here…


If you got a skin for any reason other than because you like how it looks, you need to think about your life choices, and not be upset at the prospect other people might gain access to it.

Using alts to make the same thread again does not help your argument winterpotato.


Oh I guess you squeezed one more out of me just in time.

  1. I did not post on an alt.
  2. Don’t tell me how to live my life.

Your parents should have taught you not to be a petty selfish person, so it has been left to the rest of us to teach you important life lessons.


As I noted above:

Bottom line, they are not giving them away differently than they did before. In that sense, its not that big of a deal. You had them for an exclusive amount of time before many others, so consider that to be a good thing. For the record, I got them as they came out, but I don’t feel entitled to them forever either. If fact I was able to get one I was missing for Doom during the last 2 week re-release.

People upset that their exclusive skins are slightly less exclusive should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, for A: their petty and selfish attitude

And B: creating a situation where I am forced to defend blizzard on something.