Sombra BlizzCon Skin

Yes, beause it was made for Blizzcon.

As I said, the Sombra skin is NOT a Halloween event skin, or it would have the Pumpkin.

That’s the point people are making. Never has a skin been available again with the letter “B”, because they are exclusives.

The reason it has the B over the pumpkin is because it was Originally only obtainable via a ticket. They kept the B because it was there first

but they did update the “how to unlock” text next to the skin

Right, which almost seems like someone “slipped up” and they had to honor it. Otherwise, all the other skins would be available again.

Ya because they had to, since again, sounds like someone slipped up and cant go back on it.

The proof is the fact that no other skin ever has been available again when it as an exclusive, especially from Blizzcon. Including pets etc on other games.

But the others didn’t have a disclaimer that said they would be available later.

I don’t remember seeing a disclaimer. Sorry.

Sorry but that’s on you.

Nope. Im pretty good at reading everything. and at the beginning when the Blizcon exclusives came out, there was nothing there saying specifically that the Sombra skin would be available later.

I saw that statement afterwards, when someone asked. if they updated the disclaimer after that, then I dint see that, because again, I already read everything at the time it all came out.

So no, there was no disclaimer.

Look through Wyomingmist posts

Here’s more proof

did, but still doesn’t prove it was out right when the Blizzcon items came out or announced.

So have to go with the burden of precedence, when no Blizzcon exclusive has ever been available again.

If something was updated later with that information, that’s something different.

Here is the full details in regards to the BlizzCon 2018 promotion and why Demon Hunter Sombra is now available as a skin in this year’s Halloween Terror Event:


Its a footnote. Footnotes can always be added later. So still not enough proof. sorry.

It was advertised as a timed exclusive, get a blizcon ticket and you got it earlier then the rest of us.

Now time has passed :man_shrugging:

Let people enjoy the skin.

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I wouldn’t say that, no. They simply departed from their usual policy and said unlike the other stuff, Demon Huntress Sombra would eventually come back.

But it has been exactly one year, so by this point people were wondering if it would ever happen.

Too late… is MINE now

Well it may matter to some of us. I mean im strictly a Sombra player. However, not really a big deal because the Demon Hunter Skin I don’t use anyway. I noticed when I do, for some reason the enemy team usually has an easier time finding me or “seeing” me, so I don’t think its a good skin for game play anyway.

There are other goodies that came with the ticket that were exclusive, and the Sombra skin returning was clearly communicated. This is your own fault.

You did get exclusives. Not blizzards fault if your not using them in those games.

you’re salty

but are you mexican

anyway why are you complaining it should have been a MOIRA skin

and they said it would be available in base loot boxes at a later time

such noob noob

Thank you for the clarification! :slightly_smiling_face: