Nano cola dva skin returning like how demon hunter sombra did

It would be amazing if the nano cola came back for a week as a challenge skin how the demon hunter sombra skin came back. The skin it self is pretty amazing as has a bunch of detail which I like. I personally did not unlock the skin but I really do like it so it would be cool if it came back. :smiley:

You mean how Demon Hunter was advertised as an early release for Blizzcon ticket holders and released later on to the general public as advertised?

Don’t misunderstand, I think some of these challenge skins should be reintroduced with their respective challenges, but some skins are kind of a one and done thing.

Demon Hunter and Nano Cola aren’t correlated.


There are no plans to re-release any past promotional skin at this time. Demon Hunter Sombra was the only exception because a web blog post on the official BlizzCon website specifically said it would be re-released in 2019 (which that promise was fulfilled). (Click here for details.) Mini-Event skins, OWL Legendary Skins, Pink Mercy, etc. are all expected to not have any plans to return.

Could they come back? Sure, but please do not hold your breath… (I don’t know how to do CPR.)


Honestly I don’t see why they don’t have these skins come back at some point. Like I got nano cola dva 2 (i think) years ago for essentially just playing the game for a few hours. I don’t see why people who weren’t playing the game at the time shouldn’t get an opportunity to get the skin

Exclusive skins should stay exclusive imo


Exlusives should be exlusive.

As a side note, the skin is pretty ugly.

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All of these people who say Certain skins aren’t ever coming back are a little ahead of themselves. I guarantee way down the road they do. Paid skins will be back because it’s easy money.