Will you buy the (ticket)?

Not interested in what occurs at BlizzCon so not buying the ticket.

Depends on the skin, for which hero and its exclusivity.
Apparently this year’s one isn’t that special.

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They’d gift it to me if they were going to buy the ticket outright but they’re on the fence about it too. The ticket is a hard sell for anyone that doesn’t like literally everything Blizzard makes.

Bought it earlier, kinda disappointed Sombra’s skin won’t be exclusive forever like the previous Blizzcon skin. With all the whining and complaining it created honestly next year they should go back to the good old metalic blue epic skin.

I bought it for a few of the games (I’m a Diablo fan, been so since Blizz North existed, and occasionally I play on HotS.)

I’ve wanted to get more of an understanding of blizzcon without having to waste the time being down there, so I thought that $50 is good enough to pop for the sake of popping it. DH Sombra timed exclusivity was just one of those added perks.

Thank you for your insight. I wanted to get an idea of what they mean by “all access” and the benefits for purchasing the virtual tickets (discounts, early access, etc), but I mean most of the OW panels/coverage are streamed on Twitch or are upload to Youtube within hours. I guess I was hoping for something a little more for the Blizz casuals.

If I was living in America and could attend Blizzcon physically, I would do it.
It’s an awesome experience to be had.
It feels like going to Disneyland but for blizzard video games.

As far as the virtual ticket goes, I will never pay up $50 for it.
Why? Because everything that is announced or talked about in the non-free available panels is posted everywhere on the internet, either by journalists, youtubers,bloggers,reddit and so on, either the same day or the next one.

You still get to see for free the awesome opening ceremony and the esports matches, so you don’t effectively miss anything…except for the extra virtual items for each game that is, which for me are definitely not even close to $50 worth.

You mustn’t have read his post.

Saying they should enjoy the rest of the ticket doesn’t mean they can enjoy the rest of the ticket. You can’t force yourself to enjoy something, but Blizzard can provide the “free gifts” piece meal. They just choose not to.

I hate demon hunters, I don’t play sombra. Question answered.

The skin will be available later in 2019. You don’t need to spend on the BlizzCon ticket if you wait.


More easier to read detials about the fine print here:

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No, I don’t want to spend $70!

Its $65 for me and i don’t care for sombra skins

No because I already got it for free with my actual Blizzcon ticket.

I’ll wait for 2019’s possible purchase since I’m a cheapskate. :+1:

Naaah. This is the only Blizz game I’ve ever really invested in so Blizzcon to me isn’t something that would justify forking over that much cash.

I love the sombra skin though, I think it looks great. Quite happy to hear you can get it next year but whether or not you can get it through normal lootboxes and in-game credits is the question.

I bought it. Skin is pretty awesome. Excited to see what they reveal for the other games. The actual event will be nice to watch live. They usually have a musica act. The last time I bought the ticket it was Metallica and they put on a great show. It’s pricey but I know I’m not just getting an OW skin for my money.

nope, I’ve never cared enough about digital cosmetics to pay extra for them. and that’s really all you’re getting with the virtual ticket because everything else there will be available online for free later anyway

I bought it already, and I’m not going to lie it was for the skin. I do intend to watch the whole Blizzcon stream every day its on to get my money’s worth. I have not been interested in Blizzcon before, but I am this year.