Remember Blizzcon

They never said that it would come out at around season 2 of OWL, the only said it will be avaliable sometime in 2019. That means people could be waiting to get the skin all the way until December.
(they also haven’t said how it will be available, could be in lootboxes or it could be in the Blizzard store for like $10 similar to the Lucio DJ emote being available for 200 OWL tokens ($10), who knows)


They will, but they stay ingame

No one ever said that. They only stated that it come in 2019

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Ouch self burn for forgetting that Diablo 3 is the actual forgotten boi of Blizzard


They actually never said they will


For the last time, they never said anyone will die in the lore.
They said if someone dies they wouldn’t remove them from the game.

If you’re talking about Demon Hunter Sombra, they never said any dates


This is not accurate. They said sometime in 2019. Still got nine months to play out.


Let’s pretend that game doesn’t exist

Oh wait, the dlc is pretty good from what I heard…

Nope not gonna buy it.

XD this latest blizzcon was terrible as well. Like nothing was shown, all they talked about was Ash, and most people forgot about her anyway😂


What Sombra skin?

They could’ve technically killed someone and got Mercy to bring them back… essentially keeping everyone but respecting what they said.

Ashe and Bob. That was it. It was disappointing. Was not worth the 50 buck virtual ticket fam. Only if you are a Sombra main does it get to use and even then they are coming out with it for everyone so yeah…was it even worth it? Nope.


got relatively more content than Overwatch since Blizzcon, auch.

Mercy cannot bring people back from the dead

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Remember they announced Play of the Game 2.0?


Welp, on the other side… i guess diablo immortal gona have more lore than overwatch XD

I have the Demon Hunter Sombra skin, but I don’t use it since I like the OWL skins better.

A state of near death or even a temporary death where the heart stops for a few seconds isn’t really that far fetched, especially when Mercy does bring people back in game.

I mean they’re still pretty credible I’m pretty sure they remember Starcraft 2, HOTs and whatever else. Please stop being dramatic.

Guys we want classic wow, Blizzard: remember spamming General chat need a tank need a tank need a tank, you think you do but u dont. me: i think i do and i do want it back.

Do you also remamber how dark was diablo 2 compared to 3?

If somebody’s heart stops for a few minutes and they’re resuscitated, you’re technically bringing them back from death. It’s just early enough to actually save them. So, even doctors in real life can technically “resurrect” somebody from death by restarting their heart, especially in situations where it seems implausible.

So if you want to think of Mercy’s Resurrect in a similar fashion, it makes it a little more fun to think about. When the target’s HP hits 0, they’re still just close enough to resuscitate.