The Demon Hunter situation? 🤔

And yet you seem bizarrely insistent that Blizz don’t deliver what they actually promised.


I mean, just trying to think of a solution here, whether there is one or not, didn’t know people would really care this much about a little scarf change considering you want exactly what they “promised”.

Like I said I don’t really care that other people have it, but it was never “promised” that it would be delivered exactly as is, it was just stated to be released as an item which it is, a small change like a scarf recolor seemed reasonable, but since you demand it to stay I guess not…?

The solution, is that Blizz do exactly what they said they would do and release that exact skin.


Its a change though. Youre not getting the original skin, and if youre somone who wants to collect all skins, or all sombra skins, then now you cant get it.

It also brings an air of superiority to those who have it because they can brag and say “i have the proper skin, and you have the cheap knock off”

It doesnt fix the issue, it was stated to be available. If blizzard goes back on that, theyll lose a lot more in just integrity.


I think when they say something will be available in the future, it is implied it will be available as is and not as it is not. I think it’s nice that you’re coming up with ideas, but come on, that is a bit of a stretch.

And you clearly don’t know this community very well-- they get twisted over things that weren’t actually promised, you should expect no less when it comes to things that were, in fact, promised.


Let’s not do an option that punishes the people who trusted Blizzard to keep their word.


You do know that cost was for the virtual ticket right? The skin was a side goodie. And it even stated it would not be exclusive forever.

The solution is to go through with what they promised, with no changes


There shouldn’t need to be a solution. Blizzard stated from the beginning it would be made avaliable later on.

Blizzard: This skin will be avaliable later

Pass holders: okay cool

Blizzard: Okay, we’re going to release it soon

Pass holders: Um what??!! I paid 40$ for this skin???!! How dare you release it???!

If it were items that were stated to be limited time only like Noire Widow and Pink Mercy then I would understand being annoyed at Blizzard for changing it. But that’s not the case.


People didn’t buy the skin for $40-50. They bought the virtual ticket for Blizzcon and with that a bonus to unlock Demon hunter skin earlier than everybody. So no, no need to change anything about the skin.

Thank you.

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This would be a good way to handle it from the start. It’s too late now to do it this way, though, as it wouldn’t be the same skin.

Not a big deal to me but I paid $40 for the skin. I didn’t use the VT at all and couldn’t even tell you what the other loot was. I saw the skin, thought it was dope, and bought it for that. I didn’t even play sombra at the time.

I just want to lay out some facts:

  1. Blizzard has no obligation to make it available again

  2. Blizzard has no obligation to make it exclusive forever.

  3. Blizzard can do whatever they want here, it’s 100% up to them and they have made no small print or contractual clauses that would force their hand one way or the other. An advertisement saying the skin will later be available is not legally binding, as much as you want it to be.

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True, but they’ve been lashed on some shady business practices lately, so adding lying to your playerbase isn’t something they should

It’s pretty much impossible for a large corporation to do right by everyone. Whether it’s steam, apple, blizzard, Tesla, you name it - you can’t make all your customers happy. There’s also internal things out of your control that are never made public, that provide context for why you did what you did.

What I’m trying to say is releasing this skin (or not) has virtually 0 bearing in the avg consumer sentiment about Blizzard. It’s a non-factor.

They said it would be available in 2019. So far they’ve only been four months of it.
So two of those months aren’t even in the year they said it’ll be available again.

Sure, the reason you bought the VT was the skin. That doesn’t change anything of what it’s stated.

Correct, but the skin is already on PTR for 1000 coins, so it’ll be available just like they said when the VT was out.

Yes they have obligation because it was stated in the fine print at the end of the text… and also on many sites letting people know it will be available in 2019.

Same as point 2 here. So yes, some people actually buy the VT just to get the new skin. But fact is that it was just a unlockable bonus to get it first than everybody.

Correction: See this thread. :point_down:t3:

It mayby have no obligation to follow what they said
But if devs gona just decide “You know what? We change our mind not gona give you that skin” now, then it will just be prove of not having any reason to trust them anymore with anything
I dont care about skin, but if devs are unable to do what they said they do (what is not hard to do, im not talking about failing attemps to implement something in game like new mechanics or modes, that can happend) then i think its clear red light for everyone.

After all, if they did it once, they can do it again. What this leads to? Making promises, that will never be true.

I really don’t mind what they do about the skin. But that is messed up. I already have the skin, because I always buy VT’s and I dont even play Sombra… but they said it will be available separately from VT in 2019. So I think it’s pretty unfair for those who actually waited months to get it.

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Im gonna be honest, thats just complete BS, people have waited months to be able to get the skin In-Game, and now they suddenly decided not to do it, i understand those who paid for it, but Blizzard made the promise to release it later on, if they dont want to make available for credits then make a Paid Skin at the very least