Bring the All-stars skins back

if you have the statement where it says it’s never going to return, please by all means send me the link.

I work to provide all of statements based on official documentation by Blizzard. Unless proven otherwise, All Star skins are “limited-time” but not “one-time opportunity”.


Even if they do not come back, we will still get more.

I for one am hopping Soldier or Ashe will get an all-star skin.

Well I’m not talking about the All star skins. My bad for not looking at the post this person is referring to. I was speaking about specifically the pink Mercy skin and Blizzcon skins.

They are not coming back, but if they ever do, then you can say you told me so.

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Most exclusive skins in overwatch at least have ground to stand on, but I never understood why the all star skins were exclusive. And this Is coming from someone who owns all 4.

I just wanted to ask when can we expect all-stars skins for 2020 to be available? I got Mercy last year, it’s so beautiful.

There is no confirmation Pink Mercy is gone for good. The only news we have on BlizzCon skins is that there was an old post from Jeff Kaplan saying Bastion 2016 would never be made available again* (and there has been a considerable history of most BlizzCon items never being made available again across all Blizzard games. With the exception of Demon Hunter Sombra… BUT we knew that specific skin would be made available again for us to collect (which that opportunity came and gone with the Halloween Terror 2019 event).

*I wish I could provide documentation of that post but failed to save that specific thread from the old forums.


Instead of arguing next time, read the topic properly.

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Right which is why I had not bought it, which I put in a previous post.

Unless the definition of exclusive is different to Blizzard, they arent coming back.

That being said, if they are to return, then you can point and say you told me so.


Will the blizzcon 2019 skins come back? I’ve got them but my friend was hoping he could get it. I believe they said they were exclusive, can you confirm this ?

It will be during summer time again? I can’t give an exact date as I don’t even when I bought mine, but it will be either just before summer games or after it

I’ll take that into consideration next time, which is more than can be said of the exclusive skins that won’t have a next time.

No, they arent coming back and neither are any of the All-star or Pink Mercy skins.

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Basically every business, big or small, does this.

The date of the all stars event shifts, especially in light of recent events, but if we were to go off of past behavior, then that would be correct. Past behavior which has also shown us that exclusive skins do not come back.

Stop bringing your pettiness in here. I genuinely don’t even believe that you came into a thread unaware that it was a topic about all-stars when it’s all in the title.

If you did, and then went to cherrypick my response as someone who has purchased said skins and would be happy to see them return for others. Then you’re just a terrible person who is looking to start fights.

Accept it, you paid for a skin, not a VIP membership. The skins have never been claimed to not return and are still under the OWL store. They’ve not been made into legacy items (which the devs have claimed I believe is when skins don’t return - however, Demon Hunter had legacy status and returned - so it’s entirely possible for legacy skins to return.)

Get your bitterness and weird superiority complex out of a topic that was just asking if they could have a chance to purchase a skin that they like.


Actually all of the All Star skins (and the other owl skins up to Winston) are labeled legacy in the Hero Gallery

Last year, they were available before the anniversary i am pretty sure. But i understand that things can change.

Will it be tank heroes this time? Do we have any info?

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Really? They appear as OWL items for me lol, maybe it’s because I bought them. Yikers.

My point stands though, Demon Hunter has legacy status and returned as a skin. Which shows that these skins can return despite their status

Again, no specific confirmation and I implored people extensively to NOT hestiate to buy the 2019 Virtual Ticket if they wanted Tyrande Symmetra and Illidan Genji as there was no documentation anywhere whatsoever that these skins would return again.

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I am 90 percent sure that it will be tanks z
this time. I am predicting rein and zarya

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