A blizzcon skin for 40€ becomes a weekly basic skin

It’s still going to remain exclusive after the event ends.
They have delievered their promise that they will make it avaliable to everyone at some point this year.

I see it as a win/win situation. The skin will remain exclusive after the event ends so that us virtual ticket holders won’t feel scammed and it makes the people who have been waiting for the skin happy aswell.


Perhaps you should’ve spent that money on a book and learned to read.


Another one of these threads? Damn, just stop. You don’t buy the ticket for the purpose of just getting one skin. If you did that, then it’s your fault, since it said the skin will be available again in 2019…

Blizzcon’s virtual ticket is aimed at people who can’t go to blizzcon in person, and so they can get access to all of the panels online when they happen.

Sure, people are still going to buy it for the skins, but it DID say that the sombra skin would be available again, so you played yourself, sorry.

It doesnt apply here, but it applies to something like Pink Mercy. I only bought that skin because it was exclusive and never going to be available again (come at me with all the value-judgements, but I’m being honest. I don’t care about the BCRF or whatever, I wanted the skin). If it was going to be available again later, I would not have bought it because it meant it wouldnt be special.

Thats the reason I didnt buy the Sombra skin last year, or the lucio dance emote, because they said it would be available again.

It does. If its stated to be exclusive and then it isnt then I would not have wasted my money. Because I can read, I didnt waste money on the Sombra skin but I did spend money on the Pink Mercy skin.

As far as I know, a Ferrari isnt limited edition but if it was and then he bought everyone one, then I wouldnt be happy. It would just be a waste of money on that mans part. Individuality is what makes people do things like dye their hair or get tattoos. If everyone did that, then people wouldnt to try and stick out. The closest you can get digitally is exclusive skins.

Exactly. Why would I want something that just became as worthless as any other car and wastes triple the gas?

Millions of people do these things. What makes these exclusive?

It was well known this skin was not exclusive.

  1. https://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/431249-sombra-demon-hunter-skin-how-to-unlock-without-blizzcon-ticket
  2. https://www.pcgamesn.com/overwatch/overwatch-demon-hunter-sombra
  3. https://dotesports.com/overwatch/news/demon-hunter-sombra-will-reportedly-be-available-in-2019-without-a-blizzcon-ticket

There was even a thread on these forums detailing this fact.


because its a year later



So the question goes, why arent atlantic skins not available after a year? Why not the mercy skin? Or why not make the weekly skins weekly over again?

I dont know where you live, but thats not common where I live. The only people that do that around here are people in gangs, or girls who need the attention.

Link is criticism not common where you live?

“Buy this $80 bike and we’ll throw in a free screwdriver and hammer”


This is the argument that people make about skins. Like…yeah I guess you could buy the bike specifically to get a hammer and screwdriver, but you’re spending a lot of money on a hammer and screwdriver. It better be really worth it for you.
Blizzard isn’t selling 2 skins for $40. Or a sombra skin for $40. They’re selling a ticket to their convention.

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Because nobody said they’d be available in some form a year later. (technically “sometime in 2019”)

And where did they say that? And pls read what i wrote i ask WHY does it have to cost first and then later be free for what purpose?

The reason for that is because people complained. The skin was never intended to be free later.

Blizzard aren’t selling the skins for $40. They’re selling tickets to their convention/panels/events.

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Many people buy the virtuel ticket for the goodies, read what i wrote, i ask WHY not BECAUSE

And I answered why the blizzcon sombra skin was made available. I don’t care why other people buy the ticket. Bizzard is selling the ticket. Not the skin.

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Or you could stop being a whiny baby, and learn to read the fineprint next time.

Finally a good answer

those were not advertised as will be released later on

the sombra skin literally said that it woulf be available in late 2019