What happened to Demon Hunter Sombra?

I respect having a person with similar experiences chiming in

The minimum that could be considered fair would be putting it into either the Anniversary Lootboxes or the normal lootbox pool.

None of the previous Blizzcon skins are available after blizzcon so…

Fair to whom…? They’re not cheating you in any way if you don’t get the would-be BlizzCon exclusives for free mid-year.

If they had made some statement like “All players will receive Demon Hunter Sombra as soon as possible” and then didn’t, then sure, complain about that… but they did nothing of the sort.


In the case of the Winston and Bastion Skins was that they were more just re-colors/skins of existing ones. Demon Hunter Sombra qualifies as a Legendary skin with new assets.

If they do the same with the Sombra skin, it’ll set a new precedent

A very dangerous one.


This might interest you.


I’m not asking that it be given to all players for free, I’m saying that the bare minimum would be to put Demon Hunter Sombra into an event lootbox.

Yep, I’m just making a note that previous skins and goodies haven’t been available ever again. RIP Blizzcon Bastion skin…

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While my statement is meant to be neutral, you said exactly what I was thinking.

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That is correct. It should’ve stayed that way, imo, and I’m not even a guy that pays for it. I just think it’s a nice nod to give people that want to pay the ticket price some exclusive content in the form of a cosmetic.


I know what you’re saying. I’m saying that’s not the minimum at all.

They didn’t promise or even imply anything resembling that, so you’re just setting yourself up for potential/likely disappointment if you pretend they’re somehow obligated to do it.


But it can star a dangerous precedent for future cosmetics; didn’t pay $40 to watch an online panel at a convention? No skin for you.

It’s a case of greedy monetization that doesn’t even give the option of extreme grind to earn them.

I’m still waiting for it too.

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I wouldn’t call it a dangerous precedent… Blizz has done it for years with their other games. As long as the content doesn’t affect the gameplay experience in a meaningful way (limited to cosmetic stuff), I don’t take issue with it.

Edit: If anything, I might argue that it disincentivizes people to buy the virtual ticket - which would be a shame, imo.

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Comparatively it’s kind of the opposite.

Back in my day™, there was no alternative method of getting BlizzCon items, and there was no Virtual Ticket (only the $200 in-person ticket). This year’s items are both cheaper to acquire and less exclusive.

In any case, the items are intended to be bonuses for directly supporting the company and its events. While the Virtual Ticket has kind of changed things, because some people might consider the items worth that price without the ticket, no one’s generally attending BlizzCon just to get the items; they’re a “thank you” for participating in the event.


I would counter that the incentive would be getting it first as that’s a carrot used all the time in the game industry (early access/beta/getting maps, characters, DLC first).

Getting the skin first is an incentive to show off until said thing is made available until it’s made accessible for others.

What entitles you to getting the skin at all? That’s more of the direction I’m coming from.

Edit: That is to say that a carrot of early access is nice, but exclusive content is nicer, and therefore more of a reason to buy the virtual ticket for some people.

I come at it from the angle of accessibility for all players, whether it be through a random drop in a lootbox (normal or seasonal), be purchasable with coins/OWL tokens, or through events like the Bastet or Nuka Cola skins.

I get that you want the option to earn it for free. I do, too. I don’t see where something that has historically been exclusive to those that pay for Blizzcon should be made available for all any more than I think we should be seeing the Noire Widowmaker skin available for others to get.

Obviously, Blizz can and will do whatever they want, but I don’t think the player base is automatically entitled to even more free content on top of all the other free content we continue to get.

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They have never put paid items in boxes before and it is even more unlikely considering how much the ticket costs.