Demon Hunter Sombra's availability

I have read that the Sombra skin is as of the moment exclusive for Blizzcon Tickets, but after that it’ll be released on it’s own just like the other items from the ticket in 2019.

But can we have -any- specific details on how it’ll be available ?
Will it be 10$ (random number) in the blizz store like Pink Mercy ?
Will it be added with some other new skins to the normal loot for in game currency ?
Will it be an exclusive item for something Diablo related ?

They said it will be available again in the next year.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it were a pre-order bonus for Diablo 4 or something similar.

I figured they’d add it into a Blizzard World Round 2 update for Lootboxes somewhere in 2019 when they add more cross-over skins.

Though that would be ideal, I highly doubt it because why did people spend so much on it in the first place if it’d become ‘free’ eventually. It’s probably gonna continue being an exclusive one way or another.