Demon Hunter sombra skin

Pretty sure since they “bought” the skin, they wanted everyone to at least pay 20 dollars to get it, not for free

Nope they are exclusive to the ticket, the Sombra one upset too many people so guess they changed it to pure exclusive this year

Last year’s mistake was to say it will be avaible later on, this year they don’t so there is nothing to prove they will release them

Since it does not say so in its fineprint. No, they won’t.

This humble gentleman works at Blizzard I see. How great!

No. I read the fineprint before I buy things.

I can’t get my money back for that ticket, but I’ll spread ‘joy and glory’ about such a great (nope) company. Worst wishes for developers.

You wish them ill because you did not do your research as a consumer ?

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I shouldn’t do any researches, I want my legendary skin for Sombra be exclusive. Not a reward for event. Do reskin at least (sooo hard, almost impossible to change main color for it on, I dunno, violet). Make another reward for owners. Make repay. But that’s work for blizzardboys - do nothin’.

They said it would be available latter on.
Don’t get mad because you didn’t read.


What I am confused about is why they marked it as legacy a few months ago and then never said anything about it.

And I want you to be able to read.
But it looks like none of us will be happy ):


This is the absolute worst mentality to have as a consumer of any product. You should absolutely do your research whenever you purchase anything from anyone, especially online related things. To not do so is silly and very misinformed.

I’m glad you wasted your money.

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They said in the fine print that it will be available in other means this year and they have delivered their promise.
It’s still a limited time/exclusive skin so it’s a win win situation for us who purchased the virtual ticket and for the people who don’t have it and want it.

(Also keep in mind the 2019 blizzcon skins are going to stay exclusive to this year’s virtual ticket, no fine print to be seen).

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The Sombra skin was an exception to Blizzcon’s general rule and stated to be as such when it debuted.

Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware.

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i’ve never even seen a sombra with that skin :smiley:


I know, just didn’t expect it this late and not “normal” boxes. At least they’re keeping with the Halloween theme and everyone cosplaying other franchises (still say Junk and Ashe/B.O.B. are doing Molten Core) and it is technically up for only one week. Guess it’s gonna become a standard Halloween Terror skin next year.

And yes, I did buy it last year, fully aware it was gonna be up for the “filthy casuals” at some point. I’m just sitting here wondering if it means other limited-time skins are gonna come back like those pink Mercies and especially epics from mini-events like nano cola D.Va.