🐟 My 3 Big Questions (which caused an argument that scared off the Devs.)

  1. Will the Practice Range ever be Upgraded this year?

  2. Can Mei and Roadhog Switch Roles? (No nerfs or Buffs or Reworks… just Switch.)

  3. When will be getting the Sombra Demon Hunter Skin? (Is it late? (Was supposed to release early 2019.))

Bonus: is there any questions you would like to ask, then answer?

(If anyone else want to add a Question, do so below.)


yep, I would love to be able to play Mei when i LFG as a tank role. Because she is a tank. Awesome shield, invulnerability, big health pool, cc fire, zoning ult. Literally been a tank this whole time, she belongs in the tank category by every standard.

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To help elaborate and give insight to Doomfish’s questions, I shall provide context for the purpose of discussion of the third question. Note that the first two questions have no relevant statements made by the development team before.

The Demon Hunter Sombra Skin was made available to everyone who purchased a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket for 2018, however, a specific webpage on the BlizzCon website detailed the skin would be made available separately sometime in 2019 however no further details were provided. See my older topic here for further details:

As for any questions coming in, time to sit back and…


You need to close your second parenthesis!

Sorry, I’m a math tutor…


I’m now a happy tutor :smiley:


Needed to buy butter… (thanks for reminding me unintentionally.)

Cost cuts going on at ActiBlizz so no… no upgrades. We dont even get real updates. We dont even have a real competitive mode. All we have is a scuffed QP and a normal QP mode. And Blizzard calls OW an esport ready game while not having a competitive mode in the game at the same time omegalul.

I don’t think it’d really be a good idea to label a 600 HP hero as a DPS and a 250 HP hero as a tank.

I know Roadhog is pretty much a DPS, but it’d seem a bit weird, dunno to be honest.

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There is a competitive mode actually. Who would have thought?

We also just got a huge patch with a new character… so we got an upgrade and and update…

Were you just trying to be wrong on all points?

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Yeah…just because he is a weak tank doesn’t make him DPS and Mei occasionally being played tankish doesn’t make her a tank…that one was pretty weird.

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The reason people consider Roadhog a dps and Mei a tank is because of their kits. When you look at it from an objective standpoint, Roadhog doesn’t peel, doesn’t shield, He has high burst damage. Where as Mei meets the standards of a tank, She pretty much has 500 health, a shield, and better peel for supports, but she lacks in damage.

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What I said stands. Mei isn’t a tank nor is hog just a dps, he is just weak. They shouldn’t be treated as anything other than what they are labeled.

“Pretty much” having 500 hp isn’t the same as actually having 500 hp

Why do you think Mei isn’t a tank? She used to be a defense hero but got moved to damage upon removal of the category, when she should have been moved to the Tank category. Sym got moved from support to damage because she didn’t meet the standards of support, who’s to say Mei doesn’t deserve the same?

Except Mei is a dps hero with self sustain, that’s doesn’t make her a tank nor does she deserve to be a tank

She’s got a whole lot more than self sustain my dude. She had a 2000 hp Shield and a massive zoning ult. I think its not appropriate to have her in the damage category.

That’s cool, but if she hasn’t been moved yet, she isn’t going to be. She has a base of 250 hp, she isn’t a tank. When she has base 400-600, then she can be a tank

She has 500 available hp.

No. When she has a base health pool equivalent to tanks without using CDs, she can be a tank. By those same standards 76 could be a tank, sans shield.

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OW has no competitive mode? only a real qp mode and a scuffed qp mode. Just because the normal mode is called “competitive” doesnt mean it actually is…

S76 has no cc and no shield, poor argument. Orisa has 400 hp and no way to restore it. Meanwhile Rein had 500 hp, no way to restore it, unlike Mei, and oh look they both have 2000 hp shields.

Saying Mei is a tank because she has ice block, a wall, and a cc ult is a pretty lame argument too.