Paid $50 for a sombra skin and now they're giving it away for free

I specifically said it would be a weekly challenge, and free.

And I was right.

Wait… is the skin really available???

They learned their lessen, never promise anything. Remember the fans have been giving Blizzard heat over the Sombra skin for about a year, with zero feed back from blizzard about when or how it would be released.

I still don’t understand the timed exclusive skins tbh. Lock it behind a paywall if you really want but why deny yourself money from a skin you spent time and effort to make just to draw in a few extra sales from FOMO.

Seriously I just can’t imagine the sales from people wanting an exclusive skin out weigh all those who might of wanted to buy it in the last year. Add to that just how few skins we get these days (most boxes are duplicates to any one who’s played for over a year). Especially the default loot boxes, their a complete joke.

Yet what 5 or so skins recently been all timed exclusives with all the OWL skins and the mini event ones.

probably skipping it.

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So you didn’t buy the skin, you bought the ticket and then they later added a free skin to it?


For everyone’s reference:

More details:


Fine prints… :weary:

No I bought the ticket for the items.

They said it would be available later. Everyone knew.

That’s on you.

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I really think they should just re-colour the DH Sombra skin, much like what they did with the Kerrigan / Nova skins from 2018

No you paid for the blizzcon experience. The roles are now reversed

No you didn’t.

You paid $50 for access to Blizzcon 2018 and got a skin for free.

Not really no, all the years prior the items were not available on a later date.

I didn’t buy the ticket this year for that reason.

I do pity if you bought the ticket SOLELY for a single skin that they TOLD you would be released at a later date because it was an anniversary skin for D3.

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I dnt think right at release they said that.

I remember it was an answer to someones question AFTER it was released.

It almost seemed like someone made a mistake in saying it, and they had no choice but to follow thru.

Main reason is because, why now? Why this skin? none other exclusives have ever been available later.

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You didn’t pay 50 dollars for a skin you paid 50 dollars for a ticket, the skin was a bonus. They said they’d be giving it to players later. If you paid 50 dollars just for the skin Knowing that, that’s not on blizzard.

If you paid $50 for one skin you are why the gaming industry now thinks it is acceptable to focus on making micro-transactions before focusing on making their game good.

The reason so many games are bad, intentionally grindy and filled with micro-transactions is that stupid people will pay for things that they think will give them bragging rights instead of paying for things they think are worth their money.


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

For almost a year players have been complaining about it not being added in a timely manner, now that it is players are complaining about it not being exclusive despite it being advertised as ‘early access’ (for lack of a better term).

Not really calling you out OP, you’re not the first one to suggest this, but I just find it funny that there’s massive pull on both ends.

So you weren’t interested in Blizzcon at all and wasted $50 on something you could’ve got for free if you just had some patience. Blizzard said loud and clear this skin was coming.

You my friend are every company’s favorite customer…the sucker

There There

just let it happen, I missed the previous opportunity for this skin I’m not missing it again.