Why did they make demon hunter base game?

As long as it’s disposable income, why not?

I like exclusive things because they come with fun stories, intrinsically. Anyone who sees it knows at least one thing about you.

Why pay for an entirely new phone just to use a skin in a stupid F2P game? ._. Though, it’s like the case design case.

Most people don’t care though. I know I don’t.

That’s fine. Like minded people will, and maybe you can use it as an icebreaker for a nice discussion. If not, at least it put a smile on your face.


While it was in the “fine print”, it was the only “fine print”, and its not like it was buried in pages and pages and pages of text, and wasnt exactly a secret.

On top of this- Multiple sites talked about it:

(Its literally the name of the link, here- informing people)

“Sombra’s legendary skin will be available as a standalone purchase later on for players who aren’t interested in perusing BlizzCon’s content.”

It was announced on the forums by our own Wyoming:

From the moment people saw this skin and were concerned about it being a “blizcon only” thing, people were openly and widely talking about “it will be available later”.

You nearly had to be living with patrick star to not know that if you purchased that ticket, it wasnt going to be exclusive to only blizcon ticket holders.


I’m not denying that Blizzard c(sh)ould be called shady for it, I had more than fair warning as I’m fairly invested in general gaming news and lurk here a lot.

But to claim it is unfair/unjust when the intent to make it commonly available was unveiled early enough for most people to make an informed decision on buying now and basking in temporary exclusivity or waiting until the full unlock isn’t a criticism of Blizzard being shady, it’s a complaint that an assumption was incorrect.

And I’m sure most of us have heard the phrase about assuming.

Because you wanted the skin and had the money? If had that kind of money to blow, I would probably donate the phone.

It’s an “I supported this when someone else didn’t” mentality, which is fine. I pre-ordered Overwatch, supported it when it could have been a failure right out of the door. For that, all of us were rewarded with a special skin via Widow.

I love exclusive stuff. “You didn’t support x when it was available, so it isn’t really my problem if you don’t have it. You didn’t donate to BCRF when you could have, sucks you didn’t get the skin but everyone had that chance,” etc.

If it was due to not being interested or not having the means doesn’t matter, exclusives make people buy things, letting everyone have those exclusives later makes people not buy from the business again because that trust in the incentive is gone.

Saying it once and never again, knowing the majority of people won’t see the initial post, isn’t giving people that “informed decision.”

For many people, it wasn’t made known enough to make an informed decison. And in case of Twitter they were flat out misinformed.



Can someone make that a proper link for me?

You didn’t buy the skin, though. You simply bought the game prior to release. That’s why most companies release the pre-order bonus as proper DLC after the game was released. And for Overwatch, it’s not that I wasn’t interested prior to it being released, it’s just I didn’t know it existed until around season 2 of competitive started.

EDIT: And in the case of Blizzcon related skins, you bought the Blizzcon experience, not the skin. The skin was simply a bonus.

Literally says exclusive too. Hmm

It doesn’t really matter your reason, I told you why people get mad and why businesses do it. Exclusivity matters.

I guess that’s fair. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other. For example, I think the pre-order Widow skin looks like crap. Seems like an egotistical mentality, and a rather unhealthy one at that.

It is arguably one of the worst skins in game, doesn’t stop me from wearing it to be Petty sometimes though.

Why do you care? You have the skin and got to show it off long before it’s been made available to everyone else.

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That’s fair. We all like to be petty sometimes.

Yup. They put in small print on the news blog to cover themselves legally, but they didn’t really want it well known. They know most people aren’t reading gaming news blogs or watching Twitch/YouTube.

That’s legitimately scummy.

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