So, that Sombra Demon Hunter Skin

Back at Blizzcon there was a Sombra skin that came with the Blizzcon digital ticket. For those of us who weren’t planning on or couldn’t attend, it was made known that the skin would eventually become available another way.

Source: NOTICE: Demon Hunter Sombra will be available outside of Virtual Ticket at a later date

When will we get an update on how to get that skin? Is it going to be a cross promotion? Will it be available in lootboxes like the Officer D.Va eventually was? I’m just looking for an update as it has been a while now.


There’s been no updates.

Nothing official has been stated about it since then.

The only relevant thing that happened was that it was accidentally(?) treated as a regular Legendary item to purchase in the Hero Gallery for about one week, only on PTR. It was promptly removed without comment in the next PTR update.


༼ つ ◕◕ ༽ Summon Official Statement ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ


It should stay exclusive like many other blizzard titles have exclusives, You had the chance to buy so move on.

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It’s just a skin so I don’t really care if people have it or don’t have it, because it doesn’t effect the gameplay. However, I assume more people than not would rather have it available again so hopefully blizzard stays true to their statement. My guess is it gets added to another virtual ticket.

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Yeah no. It said it would be released later on so it should be released later on.


See normally I’d agree with you, but they explicitly said that it’d be available at another date.

Had they not said that, it’d be fine to just treat it as other Blizzcon items


Except it was never exclusive, as mentioned in the text from when you bought your ticket. So sorry, but you lose there.

I forget which patch it was, I believe it was April? Anyway, DeamonHunter skin did make it onto PTR, and then it was retracted prior to going live.

I wouldn’t worry though. Blizz did promise it would be available separately, and that will be the case. If they’re not willing to go back on making exclusives available later, then they’re not going to retract and suddenly make something exclusive when it never wast to begin with.

I’m betting they’re going to release it around the time of the next Blizz Con. Making you wait a year to get it since you didn’t buy an e-ticket.


Blizzard said it would be available. It will be available. Just be patient.

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They said they won’t release it again. It’s gone. Forget it.

There was an official statement? Mind sharing?






Citation required for this statement.


Except they did say they were going to release it later on. If they hadn’t said that, some of us might have spent the money instead of waiting. So, I hope they don’t change their mind. I’m just curious about the timing.

Previously they had said they were going to release it again. Is there a source for them changing their mind?


it’s $60, just for a skin

are you surprised people held off on it?


I love the rich bootlickers who always come out of the woodwork to explain why it’s important only rich people get a specific skin and it should never be rereleased with in-game currency to the unwashed poor.

don’t worry bootlicker, I have a french invention from the glorious year 1789 right here, and you just won a ticket to attend its grand opening in a “front row” seat. good news! these tickets are exclusive to rich bootlickers!


Everyone, as a reminder the Demon Hunter Sombra skin was stated in the fine print at the bottom of the BlizzCon article.

Please note the opportunity for this skin is likely to be offered in a different promotion and not made directly available in any loot boxes or through in-game credits. As a personal speculation, I expect it to be made available through a cross-game promotion involving a Diablo related product.


Would even go that far and say “if you pre-order diablo immortal you get the skin” will be the cross-game promotion.

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That is a distinct possibility. That being said Diablo Immortal appears to be a free-to-play system with microtransactions or a subscription based system. (I will leave all of you to your own comments about that.)

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