Are people actually whining about a skin?

This I know too well.
Since it happened to me with every TI. Never watched any of the opening ceremony since it is always in the middle of the night.

As far as I am concerned, so far it is only skins, they aren’t that cruel to lock perks behind lootbox like EA did.

It’s based off of another Blizzard game though, so I feel like it makes sense that its for Blizz(ard)Con

I absolutely saw people complainikmg about the charity skin. “15 dollars is to much for a skin” “make an option to pay what you can” sort of things. I was not part of the forum when the event happened, it was mostly people complaining on the overwatch Facebook page. And I still stand by my opinion that complaining about a cosmetic item that doesn’t effect gameplay in anyway in a game where 99% of cosmetics can be gotten for free is dumb. :slight_smile:

First world problems from “some” entitled players.

As some people in parts of the world are starving, homeless, poor and separated from loved ones by war, “some” players decide to argue over… a game skin.


Reading people complaining about these things I was thinking exactly the same. The skins don’t give people magical SR boosts and they don’t affect gameplay.
Most of them are free updates to the game.

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There’s actually stuff floating around of a screenshot on the announcement page that there will be another opportunity for the Sombra skin in 2019.

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I know, that is why I edit the reply a bit

I agree we are, but there is a reason

  • it’s not a stupid recolour like how it is for monkey and bastion, its legendary which makes it probably the best skin in Overwatch right now, and it’s crazy that Blizzard will offer it only till the blizzcon event.

We’re talking about a game that doesn’t have really anything going for it anymore. Except skins. It’s not like they announced a single player campaign. That comes with Sombra’s skin for $40. That would be worth the price.

Apparently everyone that says anything in opposition to any Blizzard decision is just “whining” or “crying” or “salty”.

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Yeap, it’s not another Winston just recolored in blue chrome LOL

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some people take playing dressup very seriously

And btw, no one ever cried about winston and bastion’s skins when released at blizzcon…

People are…

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That’s why you stick to making recolors. There’s gonna be no complaints. It’s when you make a quality item, you will get complaints. The item needs to be on sale for everyone. It’s not the fact it’s being sold. It’s being sold in a restricted way.

Sombra is basically Tomb Raider 2. Xbox gets it first (Bliz pass). Than next year. Everyone can go buy it (normal purchase). Yeah, that worked out well with Sony fans. The fanbase that the majority buy the Tomb Raider games.

Ok, but again, you don’t have to buy the skin…

People are rightfully upset theres content (which skins very much are) hidden away behind a paywall in a game they already paid money for.

If Overwatch was a f2p game all these special event skins would be completely fine. But it isnt. And in a full-price game there should not be content thats only available if you pay extra money.

Well, to be fair people were complaining about the Pink Mercy skin, the D.Va event skin recently – and even the Kerrigan skin for Starcraft’s 20th anniversary, which shocked me because that skin was excellent and absolutely free and you just needed to login to the Overwatch game to get it.

Tbh it doesn’t look like a halloween skin, if it wasn’t originally intended for blizzcon when it was made, since none of the other halloween skins were directly related to blizzard games outside of overwatch, it seems more likely that it was held back from the blizzard world celebration skins.

Dont’cha think? It is a carbon copy of Valla the Demon hunter from the diablo series signature look.

It doesn’t affect your ability to play the game whatsoever, and this game COULD BE RUN LIKE EA RUNS THE GAMES. BUT games as a live service continue to cost money to keep going, so I support them fully on making a profit.
This skin also according to the bottom of their virtual ticket page :†The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019—further details will be announced at a later date.

It won’t be locked forever behind a 50$ paywall, it will be either reduced in price as a single item you can buy, or given as an event challenge like the HoTS ones of the past or an in overwatch challenge like the nano cola one. Skins ARE in game content, but essentially they are only cosmetic completely optional and non game impacting content.
I think that is completely fair, and I think you just want something to be outraged about that 100% in the grand scheme of things DOES NOT MATTER.

It’s more surprising that you’re surprised that the Overwatch community is crying over a skin. This is standard procedure around here.