Reimbursement for Demon Hunter

No. But I wish they made it slightly different, even just changing a color or something so they are differentiated.

No, we don’t deserve a reimbursement. The ticket wasn’t just for the skin, it encompassed a lot of other goodies.

I had the luxury of having the skin for nearly a year before anyone else, and that was worth it.

Stop being mad that you spent $50 on a skin. They literally put as a disclaimer that the skin would become available.

Not to mention it’s a LIMITED time skin. Meaning after that week it gets locked away again.


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If you guys have not noticed, it s a new account with zero post.

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Only the people who cant read.

No compensation needed- you bought a ticket with a free skin; if you bought a ticket for the skin Shame on you. It was spelled out it would available later in 2019.

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It was well known this skin was not exclusive.


There was even a thread on these forums detailing this fact.

I’ma just copy and paste this again.

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Easily, girl has got some terrible skins.

As a glutton for punishme…err a Sombra main, the fine print is exactly why I didn’t grab a virtual ticket, as I’m pathetic enough to buy a $50 skin for my favorite character.

We’ve been over this. The skin was planned to be released to the public this year. It’s not their fault people failed to read.

I mean, that one’s sorta on you since they did say it’d be available later on in 2019. I agree it’s weird that they changed it up out of nowhere for one year, but yea, not really Blizzard’s fault for following through with their own fine print, nor is it their fault that you bought something without reading said fine print. Like, I bought the ticket too, and I don’treally mind since I knew it was coming. Just sorta sad I have no skin to get for the third week.

I do agree Oni Genji was a rip though. That still makes me a little salty since that did come out of nowhere.

It was revealed when you purchased it that the skin would be available in 2019.

I definitely think it should be available as a purchasable legendary skin for this event. I feel cheated that I won’t be able to get a skin for week 3 so there really isn’t any reason for me to play the event for the third week. They should have added something else as Week 3’s skin, and Demon Hunter added in as a 3000 coin skin.

Yep, I love everything about Sombra, except her skins…and her playstyle is painful (the translocater change makes is a step in the right direction).
The only decent one is Talon, the rest are just a “what the fudge is the art team doing” skin. Demon Hunter is her first and only A rank skin imo. I find it quite bizarre that fan artists tend to literally be better than professional artists at these huge studios, no idea whats up with that. Maybe corporate sucks the souls out of the artists.

Similar situation with Widow, though her skins aren’t “bad”, it’s just mostly my preference. I think widow’s default skin is by far the best. Skins like Talon/Kerrigan are good, but I would like to retain her iconic blue skin in the…skin.

Virtually everyone knew that it was supposed to come out within 12 months in-game. If you were too ignorant to notice or find out, then it’s clearly your own fault.

Hope you enjoyed your year of exclusive skin!

I don’t even like Talon. Sadly I rock original or Noche 90% of the time.

…that changes in 2 weeks.

It said on the disclaimer to the skin it would be available later in 2019. So you are not elegible for a reimbursement in any sense of the word. =)

No. Read the fine print next time.
Next question.

Your reimbursement is a matching spray and player icon.

As well as a life lesson.

You arent getting your money back. You payed for the ticket to watch bizzcon live. Not for the skin.

You’re like the 15th person that has posted something like this that bought the ticket just for the skin and failed to read the fine print or even watch the Blizzcon streams.

I don’t think we should be reimbursed but it would be nice if they gave us a special item like a spray or something on week 3