Demon Hunter now a legacy skin

No one ever said it would be free - and on top a Forum Moderator actually took time to post a graphic with a circle pointing to where it said it would be available later in 2019… now if someone “mocked” them for buying a Blizzcon ticket that’s another question, but to post the way the did as a thumb in the eye… that is petty in my book…

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so is every other skin if you buy the past blizzcon ticket :man_shrugging: youre going to have to buy this skin. that I can tell you for a fact.

Never argued otherwise. But that explicitly says separately available in 2019. So there is no reasonable interpretation of that phrase that says it will only be available in 2018 Blizzcon.

The contention on the forums is NOT about the price, it about the availability.

The people who bought it were never ripped off, just illiterate apparently.


There you go.

It wasn’t a mod it was WyomingMyst which is a player with special privileges.

However on Twitter a Blizzard Customer Support agent DID confirm that it was going to be made available in 2019 separately from Blizzcon.

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Thanks - its been a while …

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No problem. I had forgotten all these little details too until I made a large thread about it and researched to refresh my memory.

No. People only ‘mocked’ those that only brought the ticket for the skin (which was advertised as a timed exclusive) and complained about it being free down the line.

I believe it would be the first ever that concerned an advertisement that prompted an exchange to not take place. Usually there has to be some transaction or a contract entered into by both parties. The law would say you have no grounds to sue because you suffered no harm (you didn’t spend the money the exchange was offered at).

Me because you still spent money on digital pixels that don’t effect gameplay.

Except, he was wrong, and so are you.

sure man, just like I was wrong about the lucio emote having to be paid for when it came to the game.

rest assured you will have to buy this skin like ive said. im not wrong at all.

Remember you all are the ones without a skin right now, so so far im right about everything.

I’m not talking about the Lucio emote-- I don’t follow you around so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please stay on topic.

No one assumed the skin would be free. They assumed it would be available because they were told so.

No one made fun of people for buying the ticket and getting the skin during Blizzcon. They made fun of the people who whined about the prospect of it being made available later after they had bought it.

“you wanted to interpret something in a way that benefited you” -Justin, 2019

Don’t talk about yourself like that, bud. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I didn’t buy the skin, I think its trash

so youre wrong again.

that quote was specifically to people who said “the skin will be free in game later”

either way as ive said, you are the one who is without a skin right now.

honestly I really hope you don’t get it just for the condescending attitudes you’ve all had about it.

I hope the “way to obtain it” is through a purchase of past blizzcon tickets for the items they held.

Aw, you’re bitter. That’s funny.

why would I be bitter? I don’t care about the skin.

like I said, youre the one trying to convince yourself you’ve got something that still isn’t in your inventory.

im peachy either way, tho I don’t believe you will get it outside of a blizzcon ticket.

That’s not something I can answer. Why are you so bitter?

before I start let me say this: I personally dont like the skin. its “meh” at best and I wouldnt ever use it.

On topic:

I think Blizzard “originally” planned to release it to public in 2019, but when it was mentioned the backlash of ticket holders (who bought it for the skin w/o reading the info saying it would be made available in future) screamed “exclusivity” and it looks like blizzard caved to them.

While this is not good for anyone (company is now a liar as they backtracked on what they said months ago, the plaeyrs who WANT it are unable to get it, and the ppl who had ticket are rewarded for not reading the future availability terms…seriously read stuff and dont blindly buy stuff) nothing we players can do.

TL;DR theres better skins for her and not much we can do to change blizzards choice.