Am I the only one upset that they made the demon hunter skin available again?

I feel like it just de valued my blizzcon ticket. I get you get a lot more for attendees but for us who have to stream and watch the event live because we couldn’t get tickets or justify the cost to fly to California, it devalues that drastically. Especially now that it has happened, it starts that slippery slope of well you made that blizzcon goodie available why not all the others?

You and about 10 other people who can’t read.


…They said it would be available again…


It said it right on the advertisement for the virtual ticket that it would be available later. That isn’t the case with this year’s Blizzcon skins though. So, if you want them you will need to buy the virtual ticket. But Sombra, they let us know up front.

The only person you have a right to be mad at is yourself for not paying closer attention.


The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019—further details will be announced at a later date.

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It was in the fine print that it was going to become available in 2019.

You had almost a year to enjoy having it over those who didn’t attend Blizzcon or purchased the virtual ticket.

You bought the ticket for Blizzcon, not for the skin. You took the plane to attend Blizzcon, not for the skin.